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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The agreed minutes for 6th June are displayed on the Notice Board outside the Memorial Hall in St Mabyn. During the July Parish Council meeting the following came up for discussion: The Church Fete: Mr Colin Hyde (Fete Chairman) and the many helpers and supporters were thanked for their tremendous efforts to ensure that the Fete was a success. The event raised £2,600 which is a valued fund not only for the Church, but also for supporting various charities. Congratulations to everyone for their support. The Playing Field was used for car parking at the fete; every endeavour having been made to ensure the safety of the Public. Thanks were given to the marshalls who gave up their time to control cars in the Field in order that the necessary Health & Safety Regulations were met to the full; also the demands of the Public Liability Insurers. Ultimately, we are concerned with the safety of our children in the Playing Field. The Playing Equipment and furniture in the Playing Field: A work group has met to clean up the equipment and replace benches and tables. It was an opportunity for those involved to get together and exchange points of view - all for the benefit of the Playing Field. Thanks to everyone who assisted in this work. Other outstanding repairs in the village eg. Parish Notice Boards, replacement of bench within the pub car park, the Bus Shelter etc. are being looked at; the Parish Council has listed these repairs as a priority. Next meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall on Tuesday 5th September at 7.30pm.


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