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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Train with local connection

A train, which earned the nickname of the Greyhound, will be pulling into the Bodmin and Wenford Railway to delight railway enthusiasts.
The Drummond T9 had a reputation as a fast, powerful and popular locomotive and was in service until the 1960s.
Tony Hallworth, of St Mabyn, started his railway career as a young fireman on board T9s and other local engines back in the 1960s, shovelling about two tons of coal on each journey.
Mr Hallworth said: "The T9s were wonderful engines, they were free-steaming, and would run like the wind - beautiful."
Now a volunteer driver with the Bodmin and Wenford, he said: "I'm really looking forward to driving this particular Greyhound once more - especially if we are able to take her back along the valley to Wadebridge again."
The exact arrival date of the T9 has not yet been confirmed. For more information go online to

Full Western Morning News article


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