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Friday, December 05, 2008

A poem from Jenny Bray...

Jenny Bray, like her Brother Richard and Sister Cathy was born at Haywood in the 1940s. She now lives in Farnham Surrey and thought 'you' might be interested in the following four Verses written about St. Mabyn by her Aunt Mary in the 1960s Jenny's mother Kitty Bray had two maiden Sisters, the other being Ruth who lived at 2 Chapel Terrace. Thanks Jenny

Our Village
Perhaps you know St Mabyn. It's perched upon high ground
With several draughty corners. When wintertime comes round

But now that we're in Springtime. There's many a pleasant sight
Orchard and garden blossoms. A froth of pink and white.
The trees around Gods acre . In shades of soft light green
Mingling with the copper beech. make a delightful scene.

The church tower is a landmark, and on a special day.
the union jack waves cheerily to greet us on our way.
The feast of St Mabena has a November date,
But feasting's out of fashion now we have to watch our weight.
The butchers and the bakers flip round with meat and bread.
While Donald Bruce and David see that we're truly fed.

Sometimes youth will shake a leg to strains of Gin House Band.
It's very much like Bedlam, but youngsters think it's grand.
There are more points of interest but I can't make them rhyme.
So I must drop my pencil and try some other time.
M Pearce


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