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Friday, June 12, 2009

St Mabyn Parish Council

Notes from the agreed May 2009 Minutes of St Mabyn Parish Council.
Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman:
Chairman – It was proposed by Cllr C Hodges and seconded by Cllr A Titcomb that Cllr L Wood be re-elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year. All were in favour. Cllr L Wood accepted the position.
Vice Chairman – It was proposed by Cllr L Wood and seconded by Cllr C Hodges that Cllr K Brown be re-elected as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year. There were no other nominations. All were in favour. Cllr K Brown accepted the position.
Election of Committees / Parish Council Representatives for the forthcoming year:
Councillors resolved to appoint the following:-
Village Hall Committee – Cllr L Wood or Cllr K Brown.
Planning Committee – Cllrs. L Wood, K Brown, A Titcomb, Mrs C Cordell.
Burial Committee – Cllr L Wood.
Employment / Contracts and Review Committee– C Barry, I Kemp, K Brown, C Hodges
Planning Applications / Planning Matters
2009/00521 AD & SW Kellow, Treveglos Farm, St Mabyn –
Construction of young stock/calf rearing shed. No objections / Support
Planning Matters:
Burlerrow Farm: Reports had been received about the volume of noise coming from the Miscanthus barn at Burlerrow Farm. Councillors thought this was likely to be the large fans used to dry the product. Cllr K Brown agreed to make enquiries.
Playing Field / Old Changing Rooms / Provision of new Play Equipment:
The Council were awaiting quotations for work to remove the loose plaster on the external wall of the old changing rooms.
A quotation was also being sought to repair the rotten wood in the window of the play house.
The “Contract” committee agreed to meet on site and decide on the exact location for the newplay equipment. The equipment to be provided and installed by SMP Playgrounds Ltd.
The Council discussed the grass cutting and options for their disposal.
CCC Local Maintenance Project – Parish Footpaths: Cllr K Brown agreed to contact Mr James Mutton regarding the surface to Footpath No. 5 that required reinstating after being ploughed.
Although not a defined right of way, it was reported that the path leading from the church to the public house required weeding and the surface cleaning.
Allotments: The Clerk addressed a letter from the land agents for the Glebe Committee stating that the subject would be discussed at their next committee meeting in June 2009.
Public Toilets – Public access: The Council were made aware that the pre-school were required to provide a safe outdoor play area. This meant extending the height of boundary wall at the Memorial Hall and blocking off the access to the public toilets To meet these
requirements, a fence could be erected inside and higher than the existing wall. The work to be funded by a grant obtained by the pre-school. The Parish Council were asked to consider providing an alternative access to the public toilets as entry was currently via the hall garden. Councillors agreed in principal to this request, but resolved to await the comments of the Hall Committee.


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