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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Community Action Group

The Action Group are working with the Federated Governing Body to secure a new school building for St Tudy.  As you maybe aware, £1.3m has already been allocated from the DCSF for this project.  The Local Authority are suggesting that whilst this project costed £1.8m two years ago, that it now could cost as much as £4m.  The case is being presented to the Children's Scrutiny Committee meeting this Thursday at County Hall. We have raised concerns over the cost of the school being presented to councillors.  There are many other inaccuracies that we’ve picked up on and have highlighted to the committee.
St Mabyn has a vested interest, as securing the future of St Tudy helps secure the future of St Mabyn by making amalgamation highly unlikely.
We have launched another active press campaign, so you should see paper, radio and TV coverage during the latter part of this week.
A newsletter will be published shortly, following Thursdays meeting.
Thank you for your continued support and if anyone would like to attend the meeting, it is public, so please just come along this Thursday for a 10am start.



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