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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Parish Council

Taken from the agreed minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on Tuesday, 2nd February 2010 at 7.30pm in the St Mabyn Memorial Hall.
Present:  Cllrs. L Wood (Chairman), K Brown (Vice Chairman), I Kemp, R Francis, R Heath, Mrs H Barrett, A Finnamore, Miss C Barry. Also attending:  Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk) Cllr J Rowe (Cornwall Council) PC Neil Crook (Police Neighbourhood Beat Manager)

Public Session:  There were no members of the public present.
Police:  PC Crook reported on the few incidents reported in 2009 including the “break-in” at the bungalow on the old Longstone Filling Station site on the 31st December.  The police were aware of the speeding traffic through the village, in particular Station Road.  PC Crook agreed to speak to the Safety Partnership Team with the possibility of having a mobile speed camera brought into the village.  The Chairman asked that the police carry out random visits to the parish in the lighter evenings, in particular to monitor the playing field.

Cornwall Council : Cllr J Rowe updated the meeting on the situations concerning both St Mabyn and St Tudy schools and the current situation of both pre-school groups.  The Council were fully aware of the poor road conditions and the many potholes that remained un-repaired. Huge costs had been experienced following the frost damage caused to many roads during the recent bad weather. Councillors discussed the provision of grit bins and their usage by the public.  Cllr Rowe also discussed recent newspaper reports relating to the sending of messages during Cornwall Council meetings, and that he had apologised to the Chairman, Cllr Mrs Harvey.  It was a good means of communication and was permitted, but should be respected.
The budget for 2010/2011 was being set.  A meeting was being held on the 4th February 2010 to discuss Cornwall Councils office accommodation and the future of the building at Higher Trenant in Wadebridge. Discussions were also being held on the cost of waste and the proposal to collect domestic household waste once every two weeks.
Apologies for non attendance were received from Cllrs. C Hodges, A Titcomb.

Planning Decisions:
2009/00382   Appeal Decision for Mr Embley, Mabena House – Watergate Lane, St Mabyn – Erection of second storey extension – Appeal dismissed.
2009/01227  Mrs Dungey, Pitt Farm, St Mabyn – Lifting of Conditions to allow dwelling to be occupied as a separate unit of accommodation – Approved.
2009/01450   Ms A Wills, Tregarden, St Mabyn – Listed Building Consent for adaption of shed  - Approved.
2009/01574  Mr A Driscoll, Ivy Cottage, Wadebridge Road, St Mabyn – Conversion and extension of cottage into two separate dwellings – Application Withdrawn.

Playing Field / Provision of new play equipment and grant funding:  Recent inspections were reported.  Cllr R Francis agreed to carry out the inspections for the forthcoming month.
New signs had been obtained, one for the lower entrance and one informing the public where to obtain the harness for the disabled swing.


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