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Monday, February 14, 2011

Parish Plan

Come Along and Help Shape the Future of Our Parish!
A follow up meeting on Wednesday 23 February at 7.30 p.m in the Village Hall
What is a Community/ ?
It is a Community-led Plan - a process by which a geographical area, such as a parish, produces a document that sets out their vision for the area linked to an action plan. It will set out the community’s views and aims, based on consultation on a wide range of issues that impact on residents e.g. housing, environment, local facilities, parking, transport etc) and will record what residents want to change/ develop, but also what needs to be protected and retained.
Some of the reasons for such a plan
♦ To set out a local strategy for the area, and to influence/challenge
policies and strategies;
♦ Ensure that residents have a chance to have their say - providing
a mandate for the parish council;
♦ To enthuse and involve the local community, and kick-start local
♦ To record what’s good about a parish as well as what isn’t;
♦ To attract funding (parish councils and local community groups may use the plan as an evidence base);
♦ To encourage joint working and help forge relationships with
relevant bodies.


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