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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


“Sunpower Corporation UK Ltd has applied to build a 16 hectare (around 40 acre) PV Solar Farm at Treworder, planning application no. PA11/00777. For full details click here The postcode for the development is PL27 6HX. The Planning Officer responsible for this application is Michelle Billing on 01726-223457. “Neighbour consultation” comments will only be accepted if received by 10th March. This is partly because Sunpower Corporation claims to have already conducted a public consultation and to have received public support – on the basis of 2 meetings held in Wadebridge Town Hall in October & November, attended by a total of 19 people. Either not many of us care about this, or the consultation was not advertised to those of us most directly affected by the proposals.
This will be an enormous, industrial-scale site, dominating the high ground above the Allen Valley from many angles: one such angle will be from Highgates, as you leave the village on the Wadebridge Road. We all want greener energy, but the Feed-in Tariff payments were designed for our homes, barns and/or brownfield sites; Treworder is a commercial venture on a large scale.
If you have a view on this proposal, please let the Planning Officer know, and/or post comments on the Cornwall County Council website.”


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