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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fresh Expression at St Mabyn Church

During Lent there was a very successful and popular 5 week York course ‘Handing on the Torch’
This gave a wide range of people the opportunity to share their faith and doubts as they addressed current provocative issues.
Palm Sunday saw the first ‘Fresh Expression’ service- planned and delivered by 12 villagers- under the guidance of David Elkington.
This attracted 34 people to Church including 4 children ! The aim was to make this service fresh and exciting using language that everyone would understand- while retaining key elements of worship & praise; saying sorry to God and affirming our trust and belief in Him; recent translations of the Bible ; quiet reflective prayer. modern music as ‘Angie’s angels’ sang ‘You laid aside your majesty, gave everything up for me’
Interactive Gospel led by Gillian -supported by her two children Challenging words from Dave Elkington on the courage of Jesus and how we see Him today.
Joyful hymn singing The first Sunday of each month with Rev Dave Elkington will continue to follow this new approach – starting at 10 am and the villagers are now planning a lively service to celebrate The Jubilee at the beginning of June.
The 2nd Sunday will be taken by Jonathan Mosedale @ 9.30 while the 3rd will be a joint service at St Tudy@11 am with Rev David Pollard and Rev Andrew Lewis
Anyone requiring transport phone 841546

Rev Dave Elkington will return to St Mabyn on the 4th Sunday @ 9.30


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