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Monday, July 23, 2012


From Richard Jenkin
Currently there are several planning applications to install wind turbines across St Tudy , St Mabyn and Chapel Amble. These are the same size as the one recently erected in Bodmin—being taller than the spire of Truro Cathedral and 3 times higher than St Mabyn church tower.

This wind turbine threat to your village - will soon change your favourite view, ruin the landscape and disrupt your life. There is a rush of enquiries to Cornwall Council for single turbines, almost 400 across the county. There are currently 60 Planning Applications awaiting a decision, and 47 single turbines already approved. This rush is fuelled by the generous payments available through our electricity bills, and the developer's fear that these payments will soon be cut. You can be assured there is a turbine planned for a hill top near you.

Why have you not been told of these developments? Where is the debate about the impact on the landscape, and the tourism on which Cornwall depends? This threat to our greatest sustainable asset is poised to become a massive cumulative disaster. Who is assessing the impact on communities and wildlife?
The current proposal for St Mabyn is to site one of these turbines on land 500 m behind St Mabyn Holiday Park and 550m from Tor View. It is even closer to some of the houses in the hamlet of Tregaddock.
Turbine distance (approx.) to Mabena Lea 770 metres, Church 980 metres,The Crescent 816 metres.
Everyone in the village is nearer to it than the current safe distance applied in Scotland and Wales and recommended in a Bill which has already had one reading in the House of Lords, it suggests this size turbine should not be located within 1.5km(1500m) of any residential property. It will become the view for people from Bodmin Moor and for miles around as opposed to the tower of St Mabyn Church, which people like to admire. There is some evidence to show there can be long-term negative effects on health. Those who are pro the turbine will come up with counter arguments to this but do you want to take the risk for you and your family?
Make no mistake these industrial turbines are not designed for an individual to supply their own private houses or businesses but are simply a commercial ‘cash cow’ for the developers. They are not windmills which conjure up lovely pictures of canals in East Anglia or the Netherlands but are equivalent to jet engines, thus changing the land from being agricultural to commercial, for which anyone else would have to apply for change of use.
The developers use incentives to try and encourage people to support their cause such as offering cash to the community, in this case £10,000 (or perhaps more has been suggested), to set up a community fund, but ask yourself is money more important than peoples quality of life, livelihood and our beautiful Cornish countryside?
The key to stopping this proposal going forward is to make your views known. The Parish Council are very important in the decision making process. The developers, Clean Earth Energy (CEE), took the opportunity to speak to them and put their case forward at the last council meeting, however, very few people were aware of this. The next meeting of the Parish Council takes place on August 7th and the public have a right to attend. If you are unable to do so, write letters to members of the Parish Council and indeed to the Planning Committee, every letter counts.
Do not sit on the fence and then realise it is too late. This application is being submitted to Cornwall Council Planning on 21st July- Let us have your details – telephone, E mail, address so that we can keep you informed of any developments.

Richard Jenkin representing concerns of many people in Tregaddock and adjacent areas. 07773623680
Richard, Penny, David and Emma Lloyd – St Mabyn Holiday Park, 01208 841677 or


Anonymous antonia willis said...

I too would like to express support for Richard Jenkin's view, & to add that there is potential for serious tourism impact on small businesses: even the most optimistic studies indicate a fall-off in visitors of 10-18% when large turbines are visible from tourist accommodation, & that's enough of a drop to make a small business non-viable in the current climate. Add in the 40 acres of solar panels planned for Treworder, & this parish will soon become anything but an unspoilt rural area.

Local councillor who assist in damaging our landscapes and our businesses need to know that we will remember them at the ballot boxes.

Wednesday, 25 July, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well unless we allow these wind turbines then the alternative is nuclear or fossil fuels. We all know what happened in Japan. Our grand children will suffer from nuclear and fossil fuels. They will ask why this greedy generation could not accept wind turbines which only affect some people's views and not their health? When they can not breathe clean air in the years to come they will blame this generation for opposing the clean turbines just because it affected a bit of tourism. Come on everyone get tea and. Let's plan for their future health and build more turbines if we must have ad lib energy.

Wednesday, 28 November, 2012  

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