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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Have you got a beady eye for bargains and a craving for saving?

Yvonne and I are starting to organise a one-off, free event open to all villagers, old and young, to come together and swop money saving ideas. We are looking for some volunteers to help with running the event on the day. It will be on a Saturday morning in October or November for 2 hours, say 10 to 12. We will pay for the Hall and there will be no entry charge. We want to make it clear that there will not be anything for sale. It will be an opportunity just to share and find practical ideas to cut back on day to day costs. Thrifty is cool.
We envisage having lots of tables, and each table dedicated to one topic. We write our ideas on yellow postits for everyone to see, (but there may be other ways of doing it). People can bring examples of their thriftiness to show.
Money Saving Topics that can be covered include……. 
  • around the house
  • around the garden
  • in the kitchen, food & recipes
  • money saving tips for children
  • Energy saving tips……. How to keep warm
  • Water saving tips
  • Recycling tips
  • on the internet
  • In the garage, car, transport
  • beauty, fashion, holidays, weddings,
  • Random tips
  • make a few pounds 
  • how to make things at home

If you would like to help, and/or have any suggestions about how the event can be staged, please email or ring 07966757318

Mike and Yvonne


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