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Friday, September 07, 2012


Minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on Tuesday, 7th August 2012 in the Memorial Hall at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllrs. A Finnamore (Chairman), N Embley (Vice Chairman), Mrs A Bunney, Mrs C Bray, D Masters, M Grigg, M Menhenitt, R Chadwick. Also attending: Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk) 51 Members of the public .

1.Public Session: The Chairman had extended the public session to 45 minutes to allow the members of the public to express their views on the building of a proposed wind turbine at Tregaddock. A planning application had not yet been submitted. Clean Earth Energy had held a public consultation event in the Memorial Hall on Wednesday, 11th July 2012.
Mr James Mutton, also representing Mr Ian Lobb and Clean Earth Energy read a statement stating that the project had been cancelled and at this time there were no alternative plans. Mr Mutton hoped that the parish would support renewable energy projects.
Mr Richard Jenkin thanked Mr Mutton for his co-operation to the strong public feelings against the proposal and spoke on various matters relating to renewable energy.
Members of the public were given the opportunity to voice their opinions in support or against renewable energy schemes and in particular the proposed wind turbine. The Parish Council were thanked for allowing the public to express their views.
Councillors with the exception of Cllr Mrs Barret refrained from responding or commenting on the discussions held and remained impartial as no planning application had been received.
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the public session at 7.45pm.


(Members of the public and Cllr Mrs H Barrett left the meeting)

Cllr Mrs H Barrett: Councillors expressed their concerns that Cllr Mrs Barrett had attended Agenda Item 1 of this meeting (the public session), sat amongst the members of the public, commented on renewable energy projects and left without speaking to the Clerk or Councillors. The Clerk was asked to write to Cllr Mrs Barrett expressing the Councils concerns about her actions.

Police: The Clerk read an email from PCSO Lloyd Paynter identifying the three reported crimes within the parish received since the 3rd April 2012. These consisted of one incident of criminal damage to a property, one theft and one failure to stop after an accident. The police had an amount of wood stain, available free to organisations for community projects.

Cornwall Council: No report received.

14.2 At this point of the Meeting the Chairman brought forward Agenda Item 14.2 Parish Council Vacancy: Mr Guy Brindle had applied for the vacancy and was invited to introduce himself to the Council and ask any questions. Councillors agreed to co-opt Mr Brindle onto the Parish Council and invited him to join them for the remainder of the meeting. The Clerk will provide Cllr Brindle with a copy of relevant documents including the newly adopted policies and Code of Conduct information.

2. Apologies: The Clerk had received emails from Cllr Mrs H Barrett and PCSO Paynter presenting their apologies.

3. Members Declaration of Interest: None declared at this stage of the meeting.

4. Minutes: The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 3rd July 2012 (Parts 1 and 2 and the Closed Session) as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters Arising:
Item 6.2 Section 106 development money held by Cornwall Council: The Clerk was awaiting a reply following further enquiries as to how the education need for the S.106 money from the Mabena Lea development site had been identified at Wadebridge School and what the money had been used for.

6. Planning Applications: There were no applications received for consideration at this meeting and no decisions reported.
Planning Matters: The Clerk read an email from a resident at Longstone stating that the site of the old filling station was up for sale, and questioned the information on the sale board in relation to the planning permission granted. The Clerk will seek clarification.

7. Accounts / Financial Matters: Financial report issued as Part 2 of these minutes.
The Clerk circulated the HMRC receipt and bank statement clarifying that the reclaimed Vat money had been received up to the 31st March 2012.

7.1 Additional Diamond Jubilee Money Boxes: The Council agreed to order a further 72 money boxes to meet the orders received from parishioners. The jubilee committee will reimburse the Parish Council to offset these costs.

8. Grass Cutting Contract 2012: The trimming of the hedge in Station Road had now been completed.

9. CC Local Maintenance Project 2012/2013: The contractor will be asked to cut the footpath between the village green and the school although this path was not an identified public right of way.
It was reported that bags of dog faeces were being left in this area.

10. Playing Field – Inspection Reports: Cllrs A Finnamore and Cllr G Brindle will carry out the forthcoming inspections. The junior goal posts need to be dismantled before placing them in the shed.

11. St Mabyn Neighbourhood Plan – Meeting in September 2012: Nothing to report. Correspondence on the Neighbourhood Plan (General) Regulations 2012 had been received.

12. Updated Standing Orders Policy to be distributed to Councillors and signed. Councilors received a copy of the updated policy.

13. Correspondence: The Clerk presented the correspondence file.

14. To Agree / Discuss:
1) Report from the Cornwall Council Community Network Meeting, if available: No recent meetings had been held.
2) Parish Council Vacancy: Discussed after Item 1 of this meeting.

15. Parish Matters / Any Other Business:
a) Traffic: Councilors noted comments about the speed of traffic passing through the village and in particular past the entrance to the Mabena Lea development. The existing road markings in the village required re-painting. Additional marking and signage would further warn drivers to slow down. It was noted that children from the development were throwing sticks at passing vehicles.
In other parts of the village, some local residents were driving the wrong way down Watergate Lane.

16. Date of next Meeting: Tuesday, 4th September 2012.

17. To close the Meeting: There being no further business the Meeting closed at 8.50pm.


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