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Sunday, November 11, 2012

St Mabyn Church

St Mabyn Church welcomes the  appointment of Julian Welby as the new Archbishop
As reported in the Telegraph he has the intellect of a financier; acumen of a politician; faith of an evangelical and courage of an African peace negotiator.
He is also HTB positive---having served as a lay Pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton—the home of Alpha
His approach to teaching about Christ resonates with the clergy of  St Mabyn—Dave Elkington,  David Pollard and Jonathan Mosedale—who warmly invite you to join us in our services this December

 2/12/12  10 am   Praise.  Informal  worship based on our village led by Rev Dave Elkington

9/12/12     9.30am  Holy Communion led by Rev Jonathan Mosedale

16/12/12  9.30 am Christmas Carols and Lessons led by Rev David Pollard

1912/12    7.30 pm Young Farmers Christmas Carol Service

23/12/12  9.30 am Holy Communion led by Rev Dave Elkington

24/12/12   3.0 pm Christmas Eve Crib Service for children of all ages

24/12/12   10 pm   Bethlehem Mass for Christmas Eve led by Rev Dave Elkington

25/12/12   10 am  Christmas Day Service led by Rev Dave Elkington

30/12/12   9.30 Praise and Worship  service  led by Rev David Pollard

6/1/13  6-9 pm New Year celebration in the village hall .
All are welcome to come and enjoy warm friendship–food and drink , John Lobb Quiz, musical entertainment including Angie’s Angels


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