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Thursday, May 23, 2013

ST MABYN Parish Council minutes April 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on Tuesday, 2nd April 2013 at 7.45pm following the Annual Parish Meeting.
Present:  Cllrs.  A Finnamore (Chairman), Mrs A Bunney, Mrs C Bray, Mrs H Barrett, M Menhenitt. M Grigg, R Chadwick.
Also attending:  Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk)

1.Public Session:  There were no members of the public present.

2.  Apologies for non attendance were received from Cllr N Embley (Vice Chairman), G Brindle,
D Masters ,J Rowe (Cornwall Council), PCSO Paynter (Police Neighbourhood Officer.

3.  Members Declaration of Interest:  None declared at this stage of the meeting.

4. Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 5th March 2013, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

5.  Matters Arising:
Item 1 Public Session:  The Chairman had spoken to the police about the speed of traffic travelling through the village and consideration was being given to a community speed watch exercise.

Item 6 Planning Applications:  The Clerk notified the meeting that the Parish Councils responses to planning applications could now be viewed on the Cornwall Council website.

Item 12.2 Seat at “The Crescent”, St Mabyn:  It was noted that the seat had not been refurbished.

Item 12.5 Forthcoming Elections on 2nd May 2013:  Cllr Mrs H Barrett suggested that the Parish Council place a notice in the parish magazine or parish website advertising the forthcoming elections.  The Council having considered this request resolved that the notices supplied by the Cornwall Council be displayed on the parish notice boards, as usual, and that no advertising be published directly from the Parish Council.  

Item 13a) St Mabyn Memorial Hall:  Cllr M Grigg offered to speak with the young famers club following ongoing complaints about members parking when using the hall facilities.

6.  Planning Applications / Planning Matters:  There were no applications presented for consideration at this meeting.

Planning Decisions:
PA12/12041  Mr Peter Abbott, land west of Tregaddock House, Tregaddock Lane, St Mabyn – Outline application (with some matters reserved) for the erection of a 4 bedroom dwelling – Refused.

7.  Accounts / Financial Matters:  Councillors approved the cheque payments presented.  The finance report is issued as part 2 of these minutes.

Audit of Accounts for 2012/2013:  The clerk reported that the Audit for the year ended 31st March 2013 was being carried out on the 15th April 2013.

Non Domestic Rates for Public Toilets 2013/2014:  The Clerk presented the statement from Cornwall Council indicating that no charge would be made for the 2013/2014 year owing to the small business rate relief giving a 100% discount. 

Parish Council Membership of a support organisation:  The Council resolved to return as members of the Cornwall Association of Local Councils, having left and joined the Local Council Advisory Service for two years.  Councillors felt this local organisation with further benefit the needs of the Parish Council, its members and Clerk.

8.  CC Local Maintenance Project – Footpaths:   The Council agreed to remain in the partnership with Cornwall Council for the 2013/2014 maintenance year.

9.  Playing Field:  Cllr D Masters was unable to attend this meeting to present the recent playing field inspection reports.  Cllr R Chadwick agreed to inspect the field for the forthcoming month.
The Clerk notified the meeting that the ROSPA inspection would be carried out sometime in April 2013.

Having discussed vehicle parking outside the main entrance gate to the field, it was agreed that costs be obtained to purchase and install a metal tube to prevent parking, this replacing the existing barrier that was continually being damaged.

The Chairman had met with the residents of Bramble Cottage wishing to gain access into the field to trim their boundary hedge.

It was agreed that the shed be cleared of rubbish to allow room for the seats to be brought under cover for their repair and maintenance.

To consider options for vehicle parking for those using the playing field:  The Clerk was seeking legal advice on the conditions written in the deeds.

10.  Neighbourhood Plan – to consider the contents of the Core Strategy document and the advantages of creating a parish plan:  The final draft of the Cornwall Core Strategy document had now been received.
It was suggested that Sarah Sims (Cornwall Council Community Network Manager) along with Cornwall Cllr. Mr John Pollard and Ms Sarah Arden (Cornwall Council Planning) attend a future meeting of the Parish Council to discuss the aspects of a plan / development order.
The Clerk notified the Council that further training for parishes was to be organised by Cornwall Council after the May 2013 elections.
It was noted that Cllr Mrs H Barrett had spoken to various Cornwall Councillors and officers about housing and this had been done as an individual, having not been authorised to do so by the Parish Council.

11.  Correspondence:
At this point of the meeting Cllr Mrs Barrett commented on a letter from the Information Commissioners Office and referred to a suggested summons issued to the Parish Council in 2010 regarding the payment of rates for the public toilets.  Cllr Mrs Barrett was asked why she was raising this matter, which appeared to be a personal  attack on the Clerk as this had been discussed at three previous meetings and the Parish Council agreed to stand by their previous resolution, close this matter and take no further action.  The Clerk agreed to speak to the Chairman and seek clarification with the auditor.
All accounts had been audited and “signed off” up to an including the year ended 31st March 2012.

12.  To Agree / Discuss:
Cornwall Council Community Network Meeting:  Nothing to report.
To receive a report from the Staffing Committee on the Clerks annual review:  The appraisal had been completed by Cllrs. A Finnamore, M Mehenitt and D Masters (standing in for Cllr Mrs A Bunney).  The report was passed around at the meeting.
Forthcoming Elections on 2nd May 2013:  Discussed under item 5 of this meeting.

13.  Parish Matters / Any other Business:
a)  Watergate Lane, St Mabyn – Councillors noted the report of vehicles driving the wrong way along Watergate Lane and agreed to speak to any drivers identified.
b)  Parking – Vehicles regularly continued to park on the pavement outside the St Mabyn Inn.  The Chairman agreed to speak with the new owners of the public house to ask if signing could be improved to address this matter.
c)  Overgrown hedge –An overgrown hedge on a property in Station Road was identified.
d)  St Mabyn Memorial Hall – Cllr Mrs C Bray questioned why there was no heating in the hall for this evenings meeting. Councillors felt it was unacceptable to sit in cold conditions, but accepted this if there was a temporary problem with the heating system although they had not been notified.
e)  Highway Matters – Cllr M Menhenitt had contacted St Kew Parish Council to report the condition of the edge of the carriageway from Dinhams Bridge to the A39.


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