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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cornish villages "fossilized" by second homes

Is this the fate of St Mabyn...Planning minister Nick Boles said second homes were to blame for the dire situation of rural villages being left “strangely lifeless”.
Article in Cornish Guardian

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Minutes of the St Mabyn Parish Council Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, 7th May 2013 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall, St Mabyn.

Present:  Cllrs. A Finnamore, Mrs A Bunney, Mrs C Bray, M Menhenitt, M Grigg. R Chadwick. Also attending :  Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk) Cllr J Rowe (Cornwall Council)and six members of the public.

1.Councillors “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”:  Prior to the start of the meeting, Councillors signed their Declarations of Acceptance of Office.

2.  Public Session:  Issues raised in the public session included a request that the minutes be more assessable to the public, and a report that traffic continued to speed through the village.
The Chairman reported that he had spoken to the police to look at the options to address this traffic matter.  Cllr J Rowe has also spoken to Cornwall Council about installing a temporary speed advisory sign which recorded dates and traffic information.  The parishioners were advised to visit the monthly police mobile surgery when it visited the village and talk to PCSO Lloyd Paynter.  

Police:  No report received as PCSO Paynter was away until the 18th May 2013.

Cornwall Council:  Cllr J Rowe was congratulated on his re-election a Councillor for the St Tudy & St Issey ward which included the parish of St Mabyn.
Cllr Rowe reported on the many changes in councilors since the 2nd May 2013 elections, with a split party council of Liberal Democrats, Independent, Conservative, Labour, UKIP, Mebyon Kernow, Green Party and a other groups with no party having overall control.  The first meeting of the new council would be held on the 21st May 2013.

4.  Election of Chairman for the forthcoming year:  It was proposed by Cllr Mrs A Bunney and seconded by Cllr R Chadwick that Cllr A Finnamore be re-elected as Chairman.  There were no other nominations.  Cllr M Menhenitt abstained, all other Councillors were in favour.  Cllr A Finnamore accepted the position.

Election of Vice Chairman:  It was proposed by Cllr Mrs A Bunney and seconded by Cllr R Chadwick that Cllr M Grigg be elected as Vice Chairman.  There were no other nominations.  All were in favour.  Cllr M Grigg accepted the position.

5.  Election of Committees for the forthcoming year – Planning / Staffing and Contractors:
Planning – Cllrs. Mrs C Bray, Mrs A Bunney and M Grigg were elected onto this committee.
Staffing / Contractors – It was agreed that the Chairman and Vice Chairman should both be on this committee.  Cllrs elected were A Finnamore (Chairman), M Grigg (Vice Chairman), Mrs A Bunney, M Menhenitt.

6.  Members Declaration of Interest:  None declared at this stage of the meeting.

7.  Minutes:  The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 2nd April 2013, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 2nd April 2013, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

8.  Matters Arising: 
Annual Parish Meeting :
Item 3 Minutes – The Clerk confirmed that the report read by Cllr Mrs H Barrett was presented at the Parish Council Meeting held on the 1st May 2012 and not at the Annual Parish Meeting  on 3rd April 2012 as indicated by Cllr Mrs Barrett.  The Clerk had copied the report and minutes of the 1st May 2012 meeting to Mrs Barrett and councilors on the staffing committee.

Parish Council Meeting:
Item 5 (12.2) Seat at “The Cresent” -  The Chairman offered to refurbish the seat on “The Cresent” if the local resident was unable to do so.

Item 5 (13a) St Mabyn Memorial Hall – Cllr M Grigg reported that he had spoken to the young farmers about their vehicle parking and behaviour when using the Hall.
Item 13b) Parking -  The police will look at the parking situation around the public house when visiting the village.

Item 13d) St Mabyn Memorial Hall -  It was noted that the lack of heating at the last meeting was not owing to the breakdown of the heating system as stated, but because the heating was not switched on. 

9.  Planning Applications / Planning Matters:  There were no applications presented by the Planning Committee and no decisions reported.

Cllr J Rowe reported that Cornwall Council were to look at the strategies for solar energy and wind turbine applications.

10.  Accounts / Financial Matters:  Councillors approved the cheque payments presented.  The finance reports is issued as Part 2 of these minutes.
Cllr M Menhenitt, on behalf of the Staffing Committee, explained to Councillors how the clerks hourly rate had been increased in line with the National Association of Local Councils pay scale.  The hours remained the same.

10.1 Audit 2012/2013:  The Clerk presented each councillor with a copy of the audited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2013.  The Annual Audit Return Form was passed amongst councillors and then completed.  The form was signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

10.2 Non Domestic Rates for Public Toilets in 2010/2011:  The Clerk had obtained further information on the matter raised by former Cllr Mrs H Barrett under Item 10 of the previous meeting.  It was agreed to discuss this in the Closed Session at Item 18 of this meeting.

10 3. Bank Account Mandate:   The Clerk presented the bank account mandate to be updated by Councillors. The bank will be informed to remove signatories of those no longer on the Parish Council.

11.  CC Local Maintenance Project – Footpaths:  The contractor will be instructed to check the public rights of way.  The Clerk had received the documents for the 2013/2014 maintenance year.

12.  Playing Field:  Cllr R Chadwick reported on recent inspections that identified the deterioration at the bottom of the slide.  The grass was quite long but this was possibly due to the contractor being unable to carry out this work because of the wet conditions over the past few weeks.
Rubbish from a neighbouring property was still in the field.
Cllr M Menhenitt asked Councillors to offer their time to help refurbish the equipment and parish seats etc.  Volunteers could also be sought for the work in washing down the equipment in preparation for
re-staining. The Chairman offered to make a list of the work required.
The Chairman agreed to complete the inspections for the forthcoming month.

13.  Neighbourhood Plan – to consider the contents of the Cornwall Core Strategy document, and the advantages of creating a parish plan:  Councillors agreed to await the further training being offered by Cornwall Council before making a decision to create a parish plan or a parish development order.
Cllr J Rowe notified the Parish Council that they could take into account the number of properties recently developed at the Mabena Lea site when considering developments for either plan.

14.  Correspondence: 
Cycle West Project - Notification of the new sections of cycle path being developed in Cornwall and Devon
Western Power Distribution – Information on power cuts and improving the electricity network.  

15.  To Agree / Discuss
15.1 Cornwall Community Network – to appoint a representative to attend the Community Network Meetings:  The Clerk and Cllr Mrs A Bunney were appointed to attend these meetings on behalf of the Parish Council.  The Clerk will advise the Community Network admin team that Mrs Barrett is no longer a councillor for St Mabyn.
As no recent meetings had been held there was nothing to report.

15.2  Advertising the Parish Council Vacancies:  Notices had been provided for the parish notice boards.  It was agreed that this information be published in the “Down your Way” St Mabyn section of the Cornish Guardian newspaper.
The Clerk had received a letter from Mr Guy Brindle stating that owing to work and other commitments he would not be standing for co-option to return to the Parish Council.  

16.  Parish Matters / Any other Business:
16.1  Bag of road salt: It was agreed that the quality of the salt would have deteriorated and  that it be disposed of. 
16.2  Public Toilets:  Local electrician Mr David Masters will be asked to look at the problems with the lighting in the public toilets, and while carrying out this work for the Parish Council be asked to test the electricity supply in the shed at the playing field.
16.2  Dog Faeces:   Dogs mess around the village continued to be a problem.  The Clerk will obtain additional “dog fouling”notices.  Cllr J Rowe will ask Cornwall Council to trim back the overgrown area around the dog bin.
16.3  Highway Matters:  Cornwall Council will be asked to clean the local road signs and to look at the depression in the road near Tredinnick House.  Potholes  at Trevilder were in Egloshayle parish.

17.  Date of next Meeting:  Tuesday, 4th June 2013

18.  To close the Meeting:  There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05pm. 
The Chairman asked the Clerk and Councillors to remain for a closed session (minutes recorded separately).

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beware of tarmacing contractors

Cornwall Trading Standards are warning of gangs offering driveway tarmacing and other surfacing works to residents in the North Cornwall area - particularly St Kew and the surrounding villages.
It is alleged that the gangs are cold calling on properties and are implying that they are working for ‘the County’ or that they are in some way connected with the Council’s own surfacing contractor, CORMAC.
A trader or business who attempts to sell goods or services at a consumer’s home must provide a 7 day cooling-off period in writing. Failing to provide such information can be a criminal offence and can make the contract unenforceable. 
If you have any concerns about cold calling activities or doorstep sellers in your area,  please contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Haywood Farm cider

Orchard tours! A walking tour of the 14 acres of orchards at Haywood farm, st mabyn, Cornwall. learn about the varieties of apple we grow for cider and juice and tips on growing apples in Cornwall. Tom will give a demonstration on propagating apple trees before heading back to the cider house for a barbecue and most importantly "cider sampling"! Sip away whilst hearing more about how the cider is made and the history of cider making in the West Country. £12.50 per head, to include all of the above plus your first glass of cider. Every Wednesday evening at 6:30. Fridays and Saturdays on request. Pre book only please on 01208 840140 or 07919 182196. Please share, thanks, Tom

Arson attack at school

Police are appealing for any information about an arson attack that destroyed children's artwork in the school garden. Contact the police in Bodmin, by phoning 101 and quoting crime reference BB/13/852

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Haywood Farm Cider, St. Mabyn

As some of you may of noticed from the signs, Tom Bray is now selling cider from a new shop down at "Haywood Farm" along with apple juice and honey from Richard Bray's bees. 
During the summer the shop is open every day from 9:30am-7.00pm. 
Wednesday evenings (and Fridays if requested)Tom does a tour of his 14 acres of orchards followed by a barbecue and cider sampling.  A relaxed evening combining good food with good cider and some horticulture thrown in for good measure.  Individuals and groups very welcome.  £12.50 a head, pre book only please.  

On the afternoon of the 7th of July Tom is offering an opportunity for anyone interested to come along to Haywood Farm for a guided orchard tour followed by a barbecue and cider sampling with live music. The first orchard tour is at 2pm and again around 3pm. Learn about the apples grown at Haywood, tips on growing apples in Cornwall and a demonstration on propagating apple trees. Barbecue and a chance to sample and buy the cider all accompanied by live music from "Tjaye Martin". An acoustic singer songwriter, coming all the way from Bristol as she's heard the ciders good!
Cost is  £5 which includes the tour, samples and a glass of cider. Bbq extra.
No need to book for the 7th but if you are planning on coming along a quick call or text would be useful for gauging numbers. 01208 840140 or 07919182196
Hope to see you soon! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Church Fete

Emily Dooley graduates

Emily Dooley born in Kelly Park St Mabyn has just graduated from Plymouth College of Art and constructed a wonderful final installation piece based on her allotment.

Friday, June 14, 2013


During July our fortnightly coffee mornings will take place in the village hall on Fridays 6th and 20th at 10.30am.  As always, everyone is welcome and nobody could deny that our gatherings are always extremely friendly.  Since our coffee mornings started about seven years ago, the cost has cost remained at only £1 plus as many refills and biscuits as you can manage!  However, although the price of coffee has absolutely soared during that time we have no intention of increasing the cost, but if anyone finds they have a surplus of coffee, tea bags, cake or biscuits they might like to donate, we would be delighted and extremely grateful.
The village hall is now quite an old lady, having just passed her 90th birthday.  Thus, she is ever in need of maintenance and repairs.  At the moment urgent attention is needed for structural repairs and attention to roof tiles that have lifted during the gales.  In the (hopefully unlikely) event that the hall were to become structurally unsafe due to lack of funds then that would be a very sad day indeed for St Mabyn! 
Our very modest income derives mainly from hall rental so it is a constant battle to keep ahead of the work that needs to be done.  Much improvement has been made thanks to grants that have been made available over the years, and to all those who have so willingly and generously donated their time and resources.  We are very grateful for this and hope very much that others will come forward and help in any way they can. At the moment, apart from structural matters, our beautiful beamed ceiling is desperately in need of  dusting and de-cobwebbing and the oak floor needs its regular facelift and treatment. 
Fundraising can be very satisfying and the hall committee would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone who’d be willing to help organize events for the hall that will help swell our ever diminishing coffers.  The hall has good facilities for fundraising, as most of our ‘hirers’ will acknowledge.  Not only the hall, but our chairs and tables are always in demand for local events and our charges are extremely modest. 
If  you are unable to offer practical help then do, please, try to support events that take place in the hall.  Every person who attends our coffee mornings makes a difference.  Also, we’d be very pleased to see you!  If you haven’t attended for a while then we’d be even more pleased to see you……

Helen Barrett: vice chairman, Kitty Hotchkiss: secretary, Audrey Cook: treasurer.
01208 841607

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

School fund raiser

Bag2school collection, June 10: Every year the fundraising group for St Mabyn School, the St Mabyn HSA, organises a collection of second hand clothes as a fundraiser. Bag2School collects good quality second hand adults’ and children’s clothing, sheets, blankets, curtains, soft toys, pairs of shoes, belts, and handbags – all must be in good clean condition in plastic bags (big or small). The HSA is then paid for them by weight – right now we are fundraising for outdoor play equipment. The collection is on June 10, which is a Monday, but the van usually comes first thing in the morning – therefore we would like to invite anyone with second hand soft goods to bring them to St Mabyn School on Friday, June 7 any time between 8.30am and about 4pm. Thank you!
Just a reminder for everyone to drop off their old clothes at St Mabyn School this Friday between 8.30am and 4pm. The school will be closed for the Royal Cornwall Show, but people can leave the bags in a sheltered corner of the school yard. There will be signs showing where.
Many thanks!

Monday, June 03, 2013


Not long to wait now for St Mabyn Village Festival. A programme of events is waiting for your enjoyment from Thursday 15 August to Sunday evening 18 August 2013.
Tickets for the Johnny Cowling concert in the Church on Sunday evening are now on sale at £7.50 each. These are available from St Mabyn Post Office and Stores, or please phone Angie Bunney on 01208 841511 or Carole Grigg 01208841276.
Wanted: Memories, photos and/or stories of old St Mabyn.  Contact Molly Dyke 01208 840158.
Dig out your old clothes and get creative,.make a Scarecrow!  A Worzel Gummage for your Garden. Might not scare the crows away but you will have a lot of fun.
Start brushing up on your 60's music. David Masters, aided and abetted by DJ Mike Hayward will be presenting a short Quiz on 60's music on Saturday evening in the Village hall.  Followed by musical entertainment and then get your dancing shoes on for Disco! Free entry, nibbles provided, bring a bottle.
Don't forget our Preview evening on Thursday 15 in the Church. Harpist Jonathan Mosedale will be in attendance.  Wine and cheese with plenty of other nibbles.  £4 a ticket. These will be on sale nearer the date. Keep a lookout for posters, flyers and the press for more details of the Four Day Extravaganza.
If you are unable to stem your curiosity regarding the many more events going on during the four days call Angie Bunney 01208 841511.

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