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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on Tuesday, 3rd September 2013 in the Memorial Hall, St Mabyn at 7.30pm.

Present:  Cllrs. A Finnamore (Chairman),  Mrs A Bunney, Mrs P Lloyd, Mrs C Bray,  M Menhenitt, R Clark.
Also attending:  Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk)
                             Five members of the public
                             PCSO Lloyd Paynter (Police Neighbourhood Officer) arrived at 8.35pm.

1.Public Session:  The Chairman invited the members of the public to address the Council if they so wished.  Local residents were awaiting the results of the recent traffic monitoring process at Station Road, and expressed their disappointment In the lack of help from the police and other organisations. Parking around the village, particularly around the areas of the public house and school were also a problem.  It was agreed the information collated from the ‘black box’ monitoring be obtained.

Mrs Barry had read with interest the letter placed on the notice board, being a response to parishioners who had signed a recent petition.   Mrs Barry, a past Councillor herself, expressed  her support to the Parish Council, stating that it would be helpful if matters contained in the “closed session’ minutes could be explained within the minutes of the main council meetings.  Also Mrs Barry stated it would be helpful to the public if Councillors details were publicised.  Cllr R Clarke stated that only a few parishioners attended the Parish Council meetings and on most occasions they left after the public session.
It was confirmed that the Council would not be setting up a Neighbourhood Plan committee at this meeting.

Mr Tim Martin indicated that he was considering reducing the size of a wind turbine for Trethick Farm from 77 meters to 47 meters, and asked Councillors their views.  The Chairman stated that consideration to the proposal could only be discussed if and when an amended or new planning application was submitted.

                                           (Four members of the public left the meeting)

Cornwall Council:  No report received.

Police:  Cllr PCSO Lloyd Paynter arrived at 8.35pm and presented his report.  There were no reported crimes for the past month.  PCSO Paynter  stated that PCSO could not issue parking fines but PC’S or senior officer could do so.  Cornwall Council now managed parking on yellow lines.
PCSO Paynter was happy to arrange a speed checks along Station Road although this was a non enforceable exercise. Cornwall Council controlled the budget and management of speed cameras.
Flashing speed advisory signs had an impact on some drivers.
Cllr R Clark agreed to draft a letter to be sent to the Chief Constable.

                                 (PCSO Paynter left the meeting at 9.05pm)

2.  Apologies for non attendance were received from Cllr M Grigg (Vice Chairman), R Chadwick, S Collop.

3.  Members Declaration of Interest:  None declared at this stage of the meeting.

4.  Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 6th August 2013, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

5.  Matters Arising:  There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

6.  Planning Applications / Planning Matters:
PA13/07110  St Mabyn Inn and Restaurant, Churchtown, St Mabyn –
Proposed refurbishment to include conversion of storage areas to kitchen and restaurant.  Demolition of existing sub-standard wash up area to create internal toilets and rear access passage.
Support, as recommended by the Planning Committee.

Planning Matters –
PA11/10027 Mr I Lobb, Treblethick Farm, St Mabyn – Installation of a 50kw micro generation wind turbine on a 29.6 metre monopole tower with three blades and a rotor diameter of 20.9 metres.
The Clerk had received and email from the Cornwall Council planning officer on the 15th August 2013, stating that this application was being recommended for approval and asked if the Parish Council had changed their views.  The Council had not changed their recommendation to object – it was agreed to defer this, if possible to the next meeting.

Planning Decisions:  No decisions reported.

7.  Accounts / Financial Matters:  Councillors approved the cheque payments presented.  The finance report is issued as Part 2 of these minutes.

8.  CC Local Maintenance Project – Footpaths:  Nothing to report.

9.  Playing Field – Inspection Reports- Email from resident regarding equipment / entrance:
Cllrs M Menhneitt and R Clark had completed the recent inspections and Cllr R Clark presented the report. It was agreed to ask the Outdoor Play People to carry out repairs required to the equipment.
Cllr M Grigg will be asked to organise the trimming of the boundary hedges.
Cllrs M Menhenitt and R Clark agreed to carry out the inspections for the forthcoming month.
It was agreed that during busy times of the year inspections be carried out on a weekly basis and possibly two weekly during the autumn/ winter months.

10.  Neighbourhood Plan – to consider the contents of the Cornwall Core Strategy document, the advantages of creating a parish plan / development order and to consider forming a committee:
Cllrs. Mrs P Lloyd, A Bunney and the Clerk will attend the Cornwall Council seminar on Neighbourhood Planning on the 3rd October 2013.  Cllr S Collop will also be invited to attend.

11.  Correspondence:
Cornwall Council – Information on meetings to discuss Community Emergency Planning;
Cornwall Council – Driving safer for longer workshop at Bodmin on 18th September 2013
Cornwall Council – Public meetings to discuss the forthcoming County Council budget at Wadebridge on 13th September 2013 and Bodmin on the 12th September.

12.  Parish Council Vacancy – to consider applications and co-option:  No applications received.

13.  To Agree / Discuss:
Cornwall Council Community Network meeting, if available:  No report, the next meeting will be held on the 12th September 2013.
Update following the problems with the sewage system from the Mabena Lea development: Cllr M Menhenitt reported that the Environment Agency were monitoring the situation and liaising with the developer to resolve the problems.
Dog Bins and frequency of emptying:  Bins should be emptied once a week, and it was noted that this had been done.
To appoint a Parish Council representative onto the Memorial Hall Committee:  It was agreed that any member of the Parish Council would attend the Hall meetings, if available.
To consider providing a Parish Council notice board in Station Road: Cllr M Menhenitt agreed to contact Cornwall Council (Cormac Solutions) seeking their approval to place a new board alongside the existing board.
Provisions of electricity to street light on path between Church and St Mabyn Inn: The St Mabyn Inn public house had been sold and the outbuildings were to be converted. The supply to the street light was currently connected to their supply.  The Chairman agreed to speak to the new landlords to see if they were happy to keep this arrangement.  Alternatively the supply could be wired from another source.

14.  Parish Matters / Any other Business: 
Grass Cutting Contractor:  The contractor will be asked not to obstruct the pavement having parked alongside a drop kerb restricting access for mobility scooters, baby buggies etc.
Street Lights:  Some street lights were being obscured by overhanging trees. Councillors were asked to provide the Clerk with the street light numbers and Cornwall Council will be notified.
Helland Bridge to B3266:  Overgrown trees in this area will be reported to Cornwall Council, requesting that landowners be asked to trim roadside hedges.

15.  Date of next Meeting:  Tuesday, 1st October 2013.

16.  To Close the Meeting to the public – Closed Session:  The meeting was closed to the public.  The time was 9.25pm.

17.  Closed Session:  Minutes recorded separately.


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