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Monday, February 09, 2015

A poem by Derek Sturch...

Under St. Mabena`s shadow
Its church tower stands above the rest
It`s said the tallest in the West.
Set within the hallowed grounds
That ancient village homes surround,
Comprised of sombre shades of grey
From grey slate roofs to window bays.
St. Mabyn Inn within its shade
On which a sunbeam rarely strays.
Cottage walls, out house and alleys
Where the sunshine rarely dallies.
And roadside dwellings are besmirched
By speeding traffics` spray and dirt.

Its school beside the church yard wall,
Its play ground, shop and village hall
Within the sound of choir and organ
Marriage, Births and people mourning.
History writ on stone and crypt
Shaded `neath this edifice.
Little changed by centuries wear
Beneath the bell tower`s sombre stare.
But sometimes midday sun strays in
To lift the grey of old St.Mabyn.


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