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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mistletoe Fayre

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's Mistletoe Fayre.  From the
ladies in the Tea Room, to those who managed the VH stalls, to those who contributed
 towards the Raffle thank you.  I don't know who you all were but your gifts were a
delight to see on the stage, thank you again.
Tony Dickinson our Town Crier did a marvellous job as usual selling tickets and keeping
everyone amused.  Thank you to the parking attendants assisting  stallholders to unload their
cars.  Special thanks to all those who came in and supported our stalls financially.
Cedar Croft owner Mark Orchard who  donated the beautiful potted Christmas tree.  It was just stunning
among the raffle prizes.   Do remember to give him your support when thinking about Christmas.
He has  a shop in the vicinity where he sells his trees - have a look around there are some gorgeous
gifts to tempt you.
Lastly, gratitude for the wonderful selection of various stalls.  We couldn't have a fayre without
the interest of the independent Stall Holders who come along each year.
In total we cleared £500, which the VH Committee is delighted to receive.


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