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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Development of Glebe land in St Mabyn

Last months community consultation meeting on the development of the Glebe land was a lively affair!
Staff attended from Savills (sales agents), Coastline Housing Association (developer) and the Diocese (land owner).
There was a good report on the meeting by our own Graham Smith, in the Cornish Guardian on 19th October.
In this report Graham inadvertently created confusion for some in the village! 
Confusion was caused by use of the word “church”, rather than Diocese for ownership of the Glebe land.
We want to make it clear that the St Mabyn Church does not own the Glebe land or benefit from any development profit made on the sale of the land or the houses.
We understand that the Diocese has, by law, to invest the money received on the sale of the land. The income from the investment can only be used for the payment of clergy pensions and salary (stipends). The income cannot be used for any other purpose.
We are much in favour of the proposed car park!
Colin Hyde and Carole Grigg. 



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