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Wednesday, June 19, 2019


A new era in the history of St Mabyn Community Shop will begin on the 1st July…… we are delighted to announce that Sarah Ward and Kathy Hodges will between them look after the vast range of duties which constitute the Management of the shop. Most of these tasks have of course been performed since the opening of the shop by Neil and Gill, to whom we all say an enormous thank you. Without them, it is hard to imagine that the shop would have been so successful; they said they’d take it on for 6 months, they will have done 10, and they have given enormous amounts of time and energy to keeping the shop running smoothly and effectively. We hope very much that they will still be on hand to offer help and advice in whatever form it may be required in the future!
So we are sure that everyone, the Committee, Volunteers, Shareholders, and Customers, will extend a warm welcome to Sarah and Kathy and give them all the help and support they need as they settle into their new role.


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