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Friday, June 14, 2013


During July our fortnightly coffee mornings will take place in the village hall on Fridays 6th and 20th at 10.30am.  As always, everyone is welcome and nobody could deny that our gatherings are always extremely friendly.  Since our coffee mornings started about seven years ago, the cost has cost remained at only £1 plus as many refills and biscuits as you can manage!  However, although the price of coffee has absolutely soared during that time we have no intention of increasing the cost, but if anyone finds they have a surplus of coffee, tea bags, cake or biscuits they might like to donate, we would be delighted and extremely grateful.
The village hall is now quite an old lady, having just passed her 90th birthday.  Thus, she is ever in need of maintenance and repairs.  At the moment urgent attention is needed for structural repairs and attention to roof tiles that have lifted during the gales.  In the (hopefully unlikely) event that the hall were to become structurally unsafe due to lack of funds then that would be a very sad day indeed for St Mabyn! 
Our very modest income derives mainly from hall rental so it is a constant battle to keep ahead of the work that needs to be done.  Much improvement has been made thanks to grants that have been made available over the years, and to all those who have so willingly and generously donated their time and resources.  We are very grateful for this and hope very much that others will come forward and help in any way they can. At the moment, apart from structural matters, our beautiful beamed ceiling is desperately in need of  dusting and de-cobwebbing and the oak floor needs its regular facelift and treatment. 
Fundraising can be very satisfying and the hall committee would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone who’d be willing to help organize events for the hall that will help swell our ever diminishing coffers.  The hall has good facilities for fundraising, as most of our ‘hirers’ will acknowledge.  Not only the hall, but our chairs and tables are always in demand for local events and our charges are extremely modest. 
If  you are unable to offer practical help then do, please, try to support events that take place in the hall.  Every person who attends our coffee mornings makes a difference.  Also, we’d be very pleased to see you!  If you haven’t attended for a while then we’d be even more pleased to see you……

Helen Barrett: vice chairman, Kitty Hotchkiss: secretary, Audrey Cook: treasurer.
01208 841607


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