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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

St Mabyn Pre-School celebrates

The new Chairman of St Mabyn Pre-school, Gillian Molesworth-St Aubyn invited all the parents of the current children, and as many as possible of those who had been involved previously to a party in St Mabyn Village Hall to celebrate the granting of £5000 from Lloyds TSB. This is to pay for much needed admin support and expert advice with updating policies, making the most of the grant monies and also marketing. Jenny Ahern, from the North Cornwall Pre School Learning Alliance helped with this application and can now be retained for further help and support. Gillian said "This is a really wonderful boost as it means Angela Brown, our hard-working Supervisor will be able to spend more time and energy on what really counts - the children!" Founder Chairman of the then St Mabyn Playgroup, Mrs Abigail Kirby-Harris said "It is marvelous to know that the Pre-School is still flourishing, and what a tribute to all those founder members, and their successors who have all worked so hard over the years. Times have changed a good deal and there is now an enormous amount of paperwork, and many more regulations than in our day so this grant will help by giving them a real boost"
Gillian hopes before too long to restart the Toddler Group too.

Photo left to right, Abigail Kirby-Harris, founder Chairman, Gillian Molesworth-St Aubyn present Chairman and Angela Brown, Supervisor.


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