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Monday, March 03, 2008

Midas Homes

During the meeting a number of issues were raised, some of which could be addressed to Midas Homes, and some which should be addressed to NCDC. In order to ensure that both Midas Homes and NCDC are aware of how strongly these issues are viewed by those who live in and around St Mabyn, the Parish Council has listed a number of proposals and observations. Should you agree we would urge you to write and send to the addresses in the envelopes provided, or alternatively return to St Mabyn Post Office and Stores where a group envelope is available. Please add any additional concerns or issues that you wish to see raised with either Midas or NCDC.
- Lower density of housing.
- Omit 4 bed room houses.
- Increase the number of affordable houses for sale and rent. Ensure the price of these and the rent is acceptable and feasible for salaries within the Parish and surrounding district.
- If the Station Road leading to Longstone requires widening, part of the land within the proposed development should be used with no narrowing of the road.
- The proposed pedestrian exit is not viable due to the heavy traffic passing through St Mabyn on to the A39 as well as that of the village.
- The Parish Council has made numerous requests to have traffic calming measures installed at the Longstone/St Mabyn crossroads. These have not been granted for one reason or another despite a number of accidents over the last few years and a death last year.
- The infrastructure of St Mabyn is already sensitive dealing with heavy agriculture traffic running through the middle of the village on a daily basis - this problem needs to be addressed.
- There is limited off road parking in St Mabyn, and cars are regularly parked on the highway outside owners' houses.


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