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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Walled Garden Tredethy

The walled garden Tredethy, Helland Bridge Erection of 11 holiday cottages for R Morris B Coombes. Arrow Land Trading Ltd of Wellesbourne Warwickshire. A re-submission of withdrawn proposal.
Full application here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

re:the walled garden at Tredethy
The walled garden would be a welcome development if only it would not destroy part of the area heritage.
By developing 11 cottages a listed cottage will be put down and a corner of this outstanding estate will be forever gone.
A development of fewer cottages would be a simpler and more viable solution, where this part of the British Architectural heritage would be preserved and the huge negative impact coming from it i.e. the total lack of parking spaces for such a development would be naturally avoided.
We are the actual owners of Tredethy House and we are Italian, but it is simply a shame to see that no one is doing anything to preserve what, ultimately, is yours, and a part of your history that with a few simple adjustment could be preserved intact, without compromising changes, as important for history as preservation is.

Cristina and Marco
Tredethy House

Monday, 07 July, 2008  

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