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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Church Restoration Appeal

The scaffolding is still up round the Church as the last works on the roof are completed - we are assured that this will be complete by The Big Day when we celebrate the successful conclusion of nearly two years fund-raising and the generosity of our many benefactors. I should like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked so hard, especially the members of the Appeal Committee who had been tasked with actually raising the monies needed.
By the time you read this we will have held our final committee meeting, to plan the handover back to the PCC of all the information and documents amassed during the past two years and arrange to liaise with the Friends of St Mabyn Church how we can best all work together for the future maintenance of this lovely building. I have been asked if the "final" committee meeting means that the Restoration is complete? and of course the answer is "no"! A building of this size and antiquity needs constant work and maintenance, the responsibility of the PPC and the Friends was formed precisely to assist with the raising of the necessary funds.
Works which will need to be tackled in the not-too-far-distant future include the re leading of the Great East Window (the Hext Memorial Window), repairs to the roof of the tower and further internal redecoration. Donations towards these projects are always welcome and during the process of the Appeal much has been learned about grant-giving bodies and no doubt this information will be useful in the future.
Over the years our Church has benefited from legacies, and I have been asked how to make sure that monies bequeathed will be used in accordance with the testators intentions, as not all solicitors are conversant with ecclesiastical law and on occasions bequests to "my Church" have ended up in central funds! The short answer is to leave your bequest (either a certain sum, or else a stated proportion of the estate) to "The PCC of St Mabyn (or whichever) Church" and trust to their deciding on how best the building can benefit. St Mabyn Church has several plaques on the wall of the bell tower commemorating several specific bequests, which were most gratefully received at the time. Have a word with Treasurer Joanne Hyde in St Mabyn on 841546 for any further details
Finally! I was delighted to be invited to the St Mabyn YFC AGM to receive a further donation of £500 towards the Appeal. This is most generous, as they gave us £1000 last year, and gratefully received.
I hope that everyone who has donated anything at all, or been involved in any way will feel warmly invited to the celebration on 16 November, at 11am when our Patron Sir David Brewer will officially declare the Appeal to be over, and the commemorative plaque will be dedicated. This will be followed by lunch in the village hall, please come to what should be a very jolly occasion!


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