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Sunday, October 18, 2009

St Tudy & St Mabyn Community Action Group - UPDATE 2

Although consultation will start in January the Governors have a number of tasks to complete before this goes to public consultation.
In the next week or so they will have to write to The Secretary of State to ask for permission not to go to competition. Normally when a new school is proposed the building contract would go to tender - this is NOT the case in VA schools. They can choose to use whomever they wish. This is all part of the feasibility study.
The point is that whilst we as parents may not have any official involvement until January the Governors will be active in the process of preparing for consultation.
I am informally meeting one of our Governors next week to understand the process from this point through to the point a decision is made. I also want to express why we are opposed to a school at Longstone. I'll let you know more after this meeting.
Matt Slater


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