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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

St Mabyn Pre-School

On Wednesday, November 4, the St Mabyn Pre-School held an emergency meeting with the wider St Mabyn community. Due to low numbers of children, St Mabyn Pre-School needs to fund raise £5,000 to keep going in its current format before the end of July. We are putting it to the community that if they want to keep the service, we need their help. There is a pledge form in the St Mabyn Village Shop for community groups and individuals to offer to raise some money on our behalf. They must write down the pledge by the end of November. We will tot it all up at the end of the month and if it's not enough, we will be forced to close the Pre-School down at the end of this term. You can pledge by phone on the pre-school phone number: 07929 092 088.

Thank you all for your attention. Read full speech here


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