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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Corlink Bus service

Cornwall County Council is proposing to remove the subsidy to Corlink bus service in North Cornwall. This service links villages with Bodmin, Wadebridge and Camelford. If this happens it will effectively cut off the villages from public transport to the outside world.
The service is used by all ages - school children who attend Wadebridge school but are not entitled to free school transport due to where they live, working people who rely on the bus to get to work and the elderly as a lifeline to independence. In the summer time it is equally vital as those who often use their own cars find it impossible to park and choose to use public transport instead, thus freeing up the roads a little.
The government has declared it will retain the bus passes for the over 60s but if Corlink is removed this will render the bus pass almost useless for many elderly people who would be unable to get to hospital or the nearest town to link up with county and national services.
On Friday 20th November Cornwall County Council is holding a meeting to discuss Corlink's future. Please sign the petitions in the post office or on the Corlink bus service if you are in favour of Corlink being retained.

If you feel strongly about this perhaps you could also register your opinion via e mail to Stephen Nicholson who is the Principal Transport Officer for Cornwall County Council at who might have some input into the decision making. Also, Dan Rogerson is our MP and he can be contacted at

Jane King


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