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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Mr and Mrs Slater politely request that all dog owners whom are currently allowing their dogs foul the parking area of Corfe House (located on the corner of Station Road and the back road to St Tudy) to please stop.
Mr and Mrs Slater have children that use that area daily and have had to clean shoes a number of times due to the quantity of dog faeces found on or near the property.

Mr and Mrs Slater have a disabled daughter with a wheel chair which has accidentally been rolled through dog excrement a number of times left by irresponsible owners.

Corfe House's driveway is private property and it is an offence to allow dogs to foul this area (along with any other public area). The maximum fine carried is £1,000 and anyone found allowing their dogs to use this area will be reported to Cornwall Council under the Dog Fouling Order. A dog bin is situated just metres away from Corfe House.

Mr and Mrs Slater would very much appreciate the help of the majority of responsible dog owners in the village by being vigilant and let Mr and Mrs Slater know of anyone they see allowing their dogs to foul in the vicinity of Corfe House. Any information given to Mr and Mrs Slater will be treated in confidence.


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