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Monday, May 12, 2014

PARISH COUNCIL Minutes April 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on Tuesday, 1st April 2014 in the Memorial Hall, St Mabyn at 7.45pm following the 2014 Annual Parish Meeting.

Present:  Cllrs. A Finnamore (Chairman), M Grigg (Vice Chairman), Mrs A Martin, Mrs P Lloyd,
Mrs C Bray, D Masters, R Chadwick, R Clark.

Also attending:  Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk)
        One member of the public

1.Public Session:  No matters raised.
Police:  No report received.  The Chairman reported a recent theft from the church when a picture and truncheon were stolen.
Cornwall Council:  No report received.

2.  Apologies for non attendance were received from Cllrs. S Collop, M Menhenitt.

3.  Members Declarations of Interest:  Cllr Mrs P Lloyd declared an interest on Agenda Item 6 –

4.  Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 4th March 2014, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

5.  Matters Arising: 
Item 12 – Hedge Damage:  It was noted that the hedge was to be repaired.
Item 12 – Street Light:  Cllr D Masters reported that the St Mabyn Inn made no charge for the electricity costs for the street light up to the present time.  This will be reviewed once the refurbishments and rewiring works at the Inn had been completed.

6.  Planning Applications / Planning Matters:
PA14/01709  Mrs P Lloyd, St Mabyn Holiday Park, St Mabyn –
Relaxation of condition 3 attached to E1/78/0619/OOP dated 12 June 1978 relating to ‘the total number of static vans not to exceed 20 units’ to allow the siting of an additional 6 static caravans:
Cllr Mrs P Lloyd declared an interest and withdrew from the meeting for this item.
Cllr Mrs C Bray had tried to obtain clarification from the planning officer, and awaited a response.
The Council agreed to give the Parish Council Planning Committee delegated powers to make a decision once issues had been clarified.

PA14/01494  Mr & Mrs Steele, The Linhay, St Mabyn –
Rear in-fill to extensions to living and bedroom areas and replacement of failing timber windows to aluminium – Support.

Planning Decisions:
PA13/11697  Mr & Mrs Kellow, Treveglos, St Mabyn – Extension to dry cow loose housing within yard at Treveglos Farm -  Approved.

7.  Accounts / Financial Matters:  Councillors approved the cheque payments presented.  The finance report is issued as Part 2 of these minutes.

Audit of Accounts 2013/2014:   The Council agreed that Mr Abraham be appointed to carry out the audit of accounts for the year ended 31st March 2014.

8.  CC LMP Footpaths:  Nothing to report.

9.  Playing Field – Inspection Reports / work required:   It was agreed that the Chairman will decide when the grass needs picking up and inform the Clerk to instruct the contractor.
Cllr S Collop had carried out the inspections for the past month but had been unable to attend the meeting to give a report.  Cllr R Chadwick offered to complete the inspections for the forthcoming month.

10.  Correspondence:
Cornwall Council – Notification of the consultation for the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies
Request for Minutes – A local resident had requested a copy of the approved minutes for the past few months.  The parishioner having been dealt with by the Cornwall Council Legal Department in the past had been instructed to correspond through the solicitor.
Signpost Magazine – Spring 2014
Clerk & Councils Direct Magazine – March 2014-05-01
Cornwall Council – Information on the grant funding available from Western Power to help make community buildings more energy efficient.
The Planning Inspectorate – Notification of amendments to the plans for the A30 Temple to Higher Carblake dualling improvement.

11.  To Agree / Discuss:
Cornwall Council Community Network Meeting, if available:  The Clerk and Cllr Mrs A Martin had been unable to attend the last meeting.
Provision of Parish Council Notice Board – The Clerk reported that Cormac were looking at the site and would report back.

12.  Parish Matters:
a)  Longstone Crossroads:  Cllr Mrs P Lloyd reported on the risks and dangerous junction at Longstone along the B3266.  The Chairman stated that the Parish Council had raised this matter with Cornwall Council on numerous occasion in the past and advisory speed signs were erected along with the areas at the approach to the junction covered  with a red colour surface material.  It was agreed to once again raise this matter with Cornwall Council via Cllr J Rowe (Cornwall Councillor).

b)  Satellite Navigation Systems:  It was noted that an ambulance collecting a patient from the village had been guided by a Sat Nav. system who took the least direct route out of the village when reaching the A39.  This caused additional time for the vehicle journey and further distress to the patient.

c)  Overgrown Hedges:   The Clerk had received a report of an overgrown boundary hedge at a property in Station Road travelling out of the village.  Cllr D Masters agreed to address this matter.

13.  Date of next Meeting:  Tuesday, 6th May 2014 (AGM). 
The Chairman, Cllr A Finnamore, reported that he was standing down from the Chairman’s position at this meeting and thanked fellow councillors for their support over the past 2 years.

14.  To close the Meeting:  There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20pm.

15.  Closed Session:  The Clerk left the meeting and Councillors remained to discuss the Clerks Annual Review and Appraisal.


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