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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

St Mabyn Church

Prayer in 2013 – Will it make any difference ?
As a Church every Sunday we pray for those in our village who are in need
-suffering from illness
-financial problems
-family problems
Also, prayers are said in Church on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings between 9.30--- 10.0 am
If you would like for us to pray for you during any time of need please let us know by either:Completing a prayer request form found on a table just inside the Church door--or
Emailing : --or
Contacting Rev Dave Elkington tel: 01208892811
Requests may be made anonymously and will be treated in confidence .
Some people prefer to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the church to quietly reflect and offer their prayers in private. The church is open every day and welcome to all.
Ask using my name and you will receive*---John 16 v22
*nb. not always in the answer we expect
In January our services will be as follows:
30/12/2012 INFORMAL Praise and Worship Rev David Pollard ------------------------9.30 am
6/1/2013 INFORMAL Praise service Rev Dave Elkington and Peter Coster -------10 am
13/1/2013 Holy Communion
20/1/2013 Holy Communion
27/1/2013 Holy Communion
Rev Jonathan Mosedale---------------------------------9.30 am
Rev David Pollard----------------------------------------9.30 am
Rev Dave Elkington and Peter Coster---------------9.30 am


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