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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Parish Council Election November 2006

St Mabyn Parish Council Election
Memorial Hall
Thursday 23rd November 2006
08.00 – 21.00hrs
No Polling Cards Needed
To fill ONE Casual Vacancy

There are two Candidates standing for election -

Candidate: Barry Kent, Bramble Cottage, Station Road, St Mabyn.
"I am 55 years old and have been married for 30 years. I have lived in villages for most of my life. Because I have lived in St Mabyn for over 2 years; and having semi-retired I look forward to serving the community in the future.
My career was in teaching and I worked in primary schools for 30 years. For 12 of these years I was a headteacher of a Junior School. I gained wide experience of working with councils, dealing with departments as varied as finance to planning.
My greatest interest in teaching was to develop sporting skills in young children. I coached football, cricket and hockey. I was also successful in obtaining Lottery funding for a sports hall in my school local community. I served on various council committees.
I now work a few days a year as an Educational Consultant, visiting several local schools.
My interests are sport, gardening and reading.
I do not belong to any other organisations or committees within the parish and therefore have no conflict of interest."

Candidate: Paul Menhenitt "If I do get elected then I will listen to what the villagers want but I do not make promises that can not be kept and that is why i am being honest to you now."


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