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Monday, December 03, 2007

Church Roof Appeal

Pat and Richard Danielson have donated £2500 to the Appeal, in memory of Pat's parents, Gweneth and Donald Hoskin, and Gweneth's parents, Mr and Mrs Hughes. Both couples in turn kept the St Mabyn Stores and Post Office, for a total unbroken 60 years and all four are buried in the Churchyard. Pat Danielson, and her two brothers Christopher and Jeremy Hoskins (who both still live in the Bodmin area) were all baptised there as were the Danielsons' two sons in their turn. Pat was written to as part of the letter-writing campaign to all Brides who had been married there - and also to all the babies who had been baptised there. Richard and Pat felt that their contribution was a proper reflection of the part the Church had played in all their lives but in fact it isn't their only donation. Some years ago, shortly after the acquisition of an extension to the graveyard (now in the care of the Parish Council) they paid for a brick path to be laid and a sturdy wooden seat, made by local craftsman Tony Dickinson, installed also in memory of Pat's parents and grandparents.

Pat is just one of the Brides to whom we have written and as our deadline grows ever closer we do hope that some of the others will decide to help us too; the Cornish Guardian is keen to publicise any events which are held in aid of the fund-raising, and take pictures! though so far the Brides have simply (and very kindly) sent us a cheque and a Gift Aid form, making £100 actually worth £128 for the Appeal..


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