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Thursday, November 27, 2008

School Photo

Back row 1st on the left is Des Old 2nd is Michael Scot, 3rd Joyce Cox, 4th Barbara Marshall, 5th Nancy Long, 6th Jean Carhart, 7th Joan Treverton, 8th John Raymond, 9th Harry Jago, 10th Derick Masters.
Middle row 1st on the left is Roy Hill, 2nd Charity Hewitt, 3rd Jean Scott 4th Nancy Jewell from Heligan 5th is Val Parkyn [Richards], 6th from Avice Treleaven from Pitt, 7th Pamela Hill 8th from left, Pam Lanyon (Watts) 9th Violet Dunstan 10th Henry Pearce.
Bottom row 1st Peter Dixon, 2nd John Best, 3rd Ron Prideaux, 4th Peter Scott, 5th Ernie Pearce, David Brown from Benbole, 6th Eric Rundle 7th Peter Prideaux.
Headmaster C. Trevorrow


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