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Sunday, December 07, 2008

St Mabyn Parish Council

Notes from the agreed Nov 08 Minutes St Mabyn Parish Council
District Council: District Councillors recently visited the regeneration work carried out at Boscastle and Bude. Cllr Mutton reported that the elections for One Cornwall were likely to be held in October 2009. Until such time the existing County Councillors would remain in office with a selection of the District Councillors to assist with matters such as planning. All Other District Councillors would finish on 31st March 2009.
Police: The report, from PCSO Lloyd Paynter was read by the Clerk. PC Neil Crook is the new Neighbourhood Beat Manager from the 18th Nov 08. Residents are asked to be aware of a van touring rural areas looking for scrap metal or offering work.
Meadow Court: Cllr Mutton, as landowner, has agreed with residents to place planters along the section of land / visibility strip at the entrance into Meadow Court.
Dog fouling continues to be a problem around the village.
Playing Field: Work to remove the plastic tubes would be completed once the weather had improved. A rubber matting surface is to be installed, underneath the swings
Site of the Old Filling Station, Longstone: Clarification re on going work on site, is to be investigated b y the Clerk
Planning Applications / Planning Matters:
Tregarden, St Mabyn – Formation of swimming pool and surrounding area. No Objections / Support.
Mr & Mrs White, land at Longstone –
Renewal of permission for the erection of a dwelling with garage. No Objections / Support.
Glenmorris Caravan Park, St Mabyn – Demolition of existing amenity block and erection of new amenity block. Approved
Planning Decisions:
Mr R Lloyd, Glenmorris Caravan Park, St Mabyn –
Erection of conservatory and installation of window for new en-suite – Approved.
Playing Field – provision of new play equipment: A grant has been applied for which is being dealt with by Cllr Ian Kemp.
Parish Footpaths: The Council agreed to ask the County Council to look again at Path No 3. The bridge is rotten and requires a handrail for public safety.
Public Toilets – locking of facilities overnight: Councillors, having reconsidered the commitment to locking and unlocking the facilities on a daily basis, they have resolved to leave the toilets unlocked at all times.
Battery Recycling Scheme: The Post Office / Shop had agreed to site the collection tube as a central base easily assessable for the public. The Council resolved to pay the costs, being £36.00.
St Mabyn Inn, Car park wall and parking: The County Council advised that the vehicles parking on the footway was a matter for the police.
Parish Matters:
Village Directional Sign: a quotation for the repair of the sign is being sought. Cllr Titcomb offered to apply any new lettering required.
Longstone Road, St Mabyn: The drains had again become blocked with debris from the road surface. Further enquiries to CCC re drainage in this area are to be made. The recently filled potholes, required reinstating.


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