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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on Tuesday, 4th February 2014 in the Memorial Hall, St Mabyn at 7.30pm.

Present:  Cllrs. A FInnamore (Chairman), M Grigg (Vice Chairman), Mrs C Bray, Mrs A Martin (nee Bunney),  R Chadwick, S Collop, M Menhenitt.

Also attending:  Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk) Cllr J Rowe (Cornwall Council)

1.Public Session:  There were no members of the public present.

Cornwall Council:  Cllr J Rowe reported on the forthcoming years Cornwall Council budget and the further cuts that needed to be made.  The number of Directors and Management Staff will be reduced.
The government continued to debate the capping of precepts for Town and Parish Council’s.
A question was raised about the dog warden service and Cllr Rowe clarified that the number of wardens had been reduced and therefore each warden now covered a larger area.

Police:  No report received.  It was noted that PCSO Lloyd Paynter had moved stations and was now based in St Blazey.  A new PCSO will be appointed to cover the rural areas.

2.  Apologies for non attendance were received from Cllrs. Mrs P Lloyd, R Clark, D Masters.

3.  Members Declarations of Interest:  Cllr M Menhenitt declared an interest on Agenda Item 6 – Planning Applications PA13/1697.

4.  Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on the  7th January 2014, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman following an amendment to those present (Mrs C Bray not Mrs C Grigg).

5.  Matters Arising: 
Item 10 – Environment Agency Consultation on an environment permit application for the sewage treatment plant serving the Mabena Lea development.  It was noted that the smells continued to come
up from the manholes. The Environment Agency had been informed of this.

Item 12 – Greenwix Junction – The white van continued to park on the grass verge at the junction.

6.  Planning Applications / Planning Matters:
PA13/1697  Mr & Mrs A Kellow, Treveglos Farm, St Mabyn –
Extension of dry cow loose housing within yard at Treveglos Farm.
Cllr M Menehnitt abstained.  Support.

Planning Decisions:
PA13/07973  Land at Kelly Green, St Tudy – Notification of an appeal by the applicant against Cornwall Councils decision to refuse the application for the Installation of ground mounted photovoltaic array and associated works.
Planning Matters:
2009/00521 AD & SW Kellow, Treveglos Farm, St Mabyn – Construction of a young stock / calf rearing shed.  It was reported that Condition 2 (planting) on this application had not been adhered to.  The Planning Officer Enforcement Section had been notified in the past and will be contacted again.

7.  Accounts / Financial Matters:  Councillors approved the cheque payments presented.  The finance report is issued as Part 2 of these minutes.

2012/2013 Audited Accounts:  The Clerk notified Councillors of the audit return and the completion of the audit for the 2012/2013 financial year.

Bank Mandate Form:  Councillors were asked to complete the bank mandate form to include updated signatories.

8.  CC Local Maintenance Project – Footpaths:  Nothing to report.

9.  Playing Field – Inspection Reports  - update on maintenance work:  Cllr R Clark had completed the recent inspection but was unable to attend the meeting to give  verbal report.  
Cllr A Finnamore offered to complete the inspections for the forthcoming month.

10.  Correspondence:
o   Cornwall Council – Information on the consultation of the future of affordable housing
(31st January – 14th March 2014)
o   Cornwall Council – Notification of temporary road closure at Station Road to Dinhams Bridge on 17th – 21st February 2014 for tree works.
o   The Planning Inspectorate – Information on the application by Cornwall Council for an Order granting Development Consent for the A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Improvement and an invitation to a preliminary meeting on the 6th February 2014.

11.  To Agree / Discuss:
o   Cornwall Council Community Network Meeting, if available:  Notes from the December 2013 meeting were available.  The next meeting was scheduled for the 13th March 2014.
o   Provision of a Parish Council notice board in Station Road:  Nothing to report.
o   St Mabyn Memorial Hall Committee – Confirmation of constitution for the committee:  The Clerk had received an email from the Secretary of the Hall Committee.  Cllr Mrs A Martin had assisted the Clerk in obtaining a copy of the constitution.  Cllr M Grigg offered to become the Parish Council representative on this Committee.
o   Appointment of Contractors for 2014/2015 for grass cutting work / agency grass cutting / footpath trimming / public toilet and bus shelter cleaning. 
The Clerk was awaiting a reply from the grass cutting contractor (County Garden SW) as to the contract price for the forthcoming year. 
The Chairman confirmed that the contractor would continue with the agency agreement work.  It was noted that Mr David Barnes would continue with the footpath trimming.
Ms McNary will be offered the cleaning contract for 2014/2015.
o   To discuss the options of car parking in the village:  Cllr M Grigg reported on the pre-school Ofsted report and the lack of outside play facilities and parking.  Options to change the entrance to the public toilets was discussed.  The school, now part of an academy may address the facilities needed and parking matters. It was agreed to wait for the academy to contact the Parish Council should they need to do so.

12.  Parish Matters / Any other Business:
o   Highway matters – The ditches at the edge of the carriageway along the Longstone Road required cleaning to prevent further flooding along this road. 
o   South West Water - A water hydrant outside Glebe Cottage had sunken and required reinstating.
o   Dog Fouling -  It was noted that some dog owners were picking up after their pets but then throwing the bag of dog faeces into the hedge.

13.  Date of next Meeting:  Tuesday, 4th March 2014.

14.  To close the Meeting to the public:  There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40pm.

15.  Closed Session:  Minutes separately recorded

With thanks to J. Hoskin (Parish Clerk)       


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