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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pencarrow Cricketers at home

Pencarrow Cricketers at home - shaping things to come

Over 80 years ago a local sports journalist who went by the initials L.G.H wrote a newspaper article for a feature called he "Ambling around and about". On this day he described his journey to watch a competitive cricket match at Pencarrow Cricket Club. It's amazing how little this image has changed

"Well, let's look at the fixture list, and pick out a competitive match, for like most sports, cricket is made more interesting when points count. This looks like a good one - Pencarrow v. St Blazey, and we head towards Wadebridge. Down Dunmere Hill, over the bridge, let's go fishing instead. It sure looks inviting, cool water trickling over rocky bottoms, winding through meadow, disappearing in the greenness of the woods. We'll go fishing one of these days.

Up the hill, past the few houses of Washaway - where did that name come from - and swing right at the farm. Say, but listen, you are blinded by the glare of the highway, with the strain of traffic driving. Turn right at the farm some day, drive down this shadowy lane, but drive slowly. Open the windows and let the cool damp air play around hot foreheads, feel the soothing touch of green shaded vision to aching eyes. Go down this lane, where even the hottest days sun's rays are filtered by the leafy canopy, where ferns are ever fresh in their beauty, where now the hedges are a mass of bluebells. And go to the white gate, set well back in the hedge, then a short distance between two hedges and the Pencarrow cricket field opens out".

Pencarrow is going through somewhat of a resurgence, at the heart it is still very much a community, family orientated cricket club, but in this modern day keeping up with the larger clubs has become a bit of a struggle. That's why Pencarrow Cricket Club has been investing time and money into creating a modern day club whilst retaining it's traditional uniqueness.

We have now registered for Clubmark, which will show that we are offering the right environment, which ensures the welfare of members and and encourages everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives. We have also invested in training additional qualified coaches, who will cover both the under 14s and Young People and Adults. We have also revamped the facilities to ensure they are welcoming.

One thing that remains unchanged in the last 80 years though is Pencarrow's unique position. As L.G.H. wrote of the ground some 80 years ago "Wonderful indeed is the word, for second to none in the Eastern Division is this lovely ground. Almost square, with an area of about four acres, it is apparent that a huge amount of loving work has gone into the job of bringing this pitch to its present state of perfection".

This season we will be delivering a summer programme of cricket, we are offering competitive cricket through both our Saturday league fixtures as well as some more 'friendly' midweek evening cricket. Each week we will also be providing coaching at the ground, further details of which will be published on our website.

Why not find out more about our community cricket club, come along and get involved.  In the words of L.G.H. "Let's sit in the shade of the pavilion and feast our eyes. We saw the beauty of the trees from inside as we came down the lane, now we see them from the outside, as they wind around the fields. Every shade of green, from tenderest shoot to withering branch, there the bare branches of dead trees only emphasise the beauty of their neighbours. The Pencarrow Club has always been the mecca of cricket enthusiasts from a wide area, for here the ball runs true, and batsman and bowlers alike, to say nothing of the keeper, appreciate the fine qualities of the pitch. Not only from a playing point of view, but from the pleasant association of the home folk do visiting players enjoy the fixtures at Pencarrow".


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