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Friday, February 29, 2008

£343,000 average house price

£343,000 is the average house price in St Mabyn based on the last 12 months sales. Visit for more details.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dung Run!

St Mabyn young farmers will be doing their annual dung run on Sunday 2nd March.
Well rotted manure for £1.50 a bag

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wadebridge Freecycle

The Wadebridge Freecycle(®) group is open to all who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself! Non profit groups are also welcome to participate too!
One main rule: everything posted must be free. This group is part of The Freecycle Network, a nonprofit organization and a movement of people interested in keeping good stuff out of landfills. Check out Wadebridge Freecycle
I found my daughter a fridge this week!
Give it a try and help reduce the mountain of "stuff" dumped at Lanivet.

Spring Fair

This is on Saturday, April 19th in the village hall. Arrangements are coming together for what is going to be a very enjoyable event. We are looking for stalls which will include jewellery, good quality second hand books, cakes, jams and chutneys, country produce, cards and stationery, paintings and prints, plants etc. One way or the other, we would love to have a variety of stalls in the Hall. If you would like to set up a stall the fee is £8 per stall - contact Helen on 01208 841342.

Coffee Morning

Village hall Febraury 29th, 10.30am - 11.30am tea/coffee and biscuit for £1. Funds in aid of upkeep of Village Hall. Bring along your news and views and enjoy the friendly chat with your neighbours. A very special welcome to new residents and visitors, we would love to meet you.

FLEET feet!

Running a marathon is no easy task, and for two people in St Mabyn not only are they undertaking it for the first time but are also supporting the charity Fleet (Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust). Fleet ensures that Cornish ambulances are the best equipped in the country providing optimum front line health care for the whole of Cornwall. Our first runner is James Wareham, son of Bill and Marion, who is a medical student at Bristol. Our second is Sarah Brobin who is a care assistant and who makes regular calls to some of St Mabyn's villagers. Both of our intrepid runners are looking for your support. Sponsorship forms are being held at the shop for both James and Sarah, or you can donate via the St Mabyn Shop's Fleet collecting tin. Many thanks for all your support.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Midas Homes Development.

There was a good turn out in the village hall for the meeting about the Midas Homes Development.
The proposal was for a residential development providing a mixture of accommodation ranging from 1 bedroom dwellings to 4 bedroom houses with up to 35% affordable.
There were strong feelings with regard to the application which was slipped in two days before a 50% affordable houses policy came into effect!
Major concerns were voiced about the proposed narrowing of the sometimes very busy Longstone Road, together with a dangerous pedestrian access on a bend.
There were concerns about drainage and surface water collection.
The density of housing was felt to be too high and there were fears that the majority of the housing would sell to second home owners and be of no benefit to the village.
The application was for outline permission only and there is ample opportunity to influence the developers final plans.
You can telephone them on Freephone 08001698766 with any questions or write to them at:
Exhibition Response
16 Brunswick Place
SO15 2AQ
Your Parish Council hopes that you will write with your feedback to both Midas Homes and NCDC Planning Offices.

Planning turned down

The planning application for a new three bedroom detached dwelling on land adjacent to Corfe House, for Mr Parkhouse, has not been approved.
Refused for the following reasons:
1. The Local Planning Authority is seeking to improve the quality of development in its District. The proposed dwelling, by reason of an irregular fenestration pattern, would fail to project a visually balanced design and would consequently have a detrimental impact on the character of the surrounding area. The application is therefore contrary to Policy 2 of the Cornwall Structure Plan - 2004; Policy DVS1 of the District Local Plan - April 1999; Planning Policy Statement (PPS1) - Delivering Sustainable Development (paras 33 - 39); and the advice contained within the adopted supplementary planning guidance - the North Cornwall Design Guide - October 1997 - Section (E).
2. In the absence of information to demonstrate otherwise, the Local Planning Authority is not convinced that the height of the proposed dwelling would assimilate to an acceptable level with the immediate surroundings. The application is therefore contrary to Policy 2 of the Cornwall Structure Plan - 2004; Policy DVS1 of the District Local Plan - April 1999; Planning Policy Statement (PPS1) - Delivering Sustainable Development (paras 33 - 39); and the advice contained within the adopted supplementary planning guidance - the North Cornwall Design Guide - October 1997 - Section (D).
Full details

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Public Meeting

There will be a public meeting in the village hall on Tuesday 26th February at 7.30pm when you will be able to view the Midas Homes outline planning application and meet the developer. The main concerns of the Parish Council are the number of houses and the access.


Toddlers donned their hats, coats and boots to enjoy a day trip to Pencarrow House. The small group of youngsters from St Mabyn Preschool enjoyed the winter sunshine in the grounds of the home of the Molesworth-St Aubyns. They spent the morning playing in the huge garden, which opens to the public on March 1st. They sat in the trees and enjoyed the dappled shade of the rhododendrons on the lawns.

Barely Necessary!

The final of the Cornwall Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs Cabaret competition was won this year by St Mabyn YFC performing as Barely Necessary.
The act involved six minimally clothed male members of St Mabyn YFC using straw boaters to prevent any blushes. The dance routine was set to the theme of Disney's Jungle Book.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Midas Homes

Land between Chapel lane and Chestnut Drive St Mabyn, erection of 35 dwellings to include 12 affordable homes.
See full plans

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Egg-citing" competition

Joe and Laura at the shop and Post Office are looking for some help from the local children in decorating the shop for Easter and in doing so they could win themselves an Easter Egg.
There are two sizes of egg to decorate, a smaller one for the under 5's and a larger one for the 5 to 14 age group. The 'eggs' once decorated, painted or coloured will be displayed in the shop and customers will be asked to vote for their favourite from each category.
Eggs and entry forms are now available from the shop and the closing date for entries is 7pm on Saturday, 7th March and the winners will be announced on Saturday, 22nd March.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Half Mast

The Church flag pole seems to have fallen?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

St Mabyn Garden Club

At their last meeting Henry Kendall gave a talk on 'garden plants to attract bees'. With the aid of half a beehive, they were given a brief insight into keeping bees and a year in the life of a honeybee. The next meeting is on February 13th, when there will be a talk on 'Cornwall's Native Trees' by Mr Colin Hawke. New members welcome.

Village Hall

It is hoped that the grant application for 20 new long folding tables for the hall will be completed and sent off by the end of the week. Plans will be put in place too for the spring fair. Watch this space for further news next week.

Post office shop

Yet again Laura and Joe have initiated a new service for local customers. 'Seaworthy Fish Supplies' will be outside the shop every Tuesday from approx 10.30am until 11am. Their fully trained fishmonger will have a selection of locally caught fish and shellfish. If you are unable to choose yourself, Laura will be happy to help purchase fish for you. Seaworthy telephone the shop on a Monday to let them know what they have available.

Parish council meeting

There was a parish council meeting held Tuesday, February 5th. The agreed minutes for the January 08 meeting are displayed on the notice-board outside the village hall.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Land adjacent to Corfe House

Land adjacent to Corfe House, erection of new three bedroom detached dwelling for Mr Parkhouse. A site meeting will be held Thursday 7th February at 9-15am.

Burlerrow Farm

Burlerrow Farm, Wadebridge Road, Planning application for the erection of new detached Miscanthus Barn for Mr C and J Mutton.
Full details here

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Train with local connection

A train, which earned the nickname of the Greyhound, will be pulling into the Bodmin and Wenford Railway to delight railway enthusiasts.
The Drummond T9 had a reputation as a fast, powerful and popular locomotive and was in service until the 1960s.
Tony Hallworth, of St Mabyn, started his railway career as a young fireman on board T9s and other local engines back in the 1960s, shovelling about two tons of coal on each journey.
Mr Hallworth said: "The T9s were wonderful engines, they were free-steaming, and would run like the wind - beautiful."
Now a volunteer driver with the Bodmin and Wenford, he said: "I'm really looking forward to driving this particular Greyhound once more - especially if we are able to take her back along the valley to Wadebridge again."
The exact arrival date of the T9 has not yet been confirmed. For more information go online to

Full Western Morning News article

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