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Friday, June 26, 2009

House prices

Latest house prices for St Mabyn

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Church Fete

I hear the Church Fete made a spectacular £3,100 !!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Church Fete

St Mabyn school children dancing round the Maypole.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nice day for a... white wedding.

CONGRATULATIONS to Emily Evans and Patrick Hudson who were married in St Mabyn church today.

Friday, June 12, 2009

St Mabyn Parish Council

Notes from the agreed May 2009 Minutes of St Mabyn Parish Council.
Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman:
Chairman – It was proposed by Cllr C Hodges and seconded by Cllr A Titcomb that Cllr L Wood be re-elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year. All were in favour. Cllr L Wood accepted the position.
Vice Chairman – It was proposed by Cllr L Wood and seconded by Cllr C Hodges that Cllr K Brown be re-elected as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year. There were no other nominations. All were in favour. Cllr K Brown accepted the position.
Election of Committees / Parish Council Representatives for the forthcoming year:
Councillors resolved to appoint the following:-
Village Hall Committee – Cllr L Wood or Cllr K Brown.
Planning Committee – Cllrs. L Wood, K Brown, A Titcomb, Mrs C Cordell.
Burial Committee – Cllr L Wood.
Employment / Contracts and Review Committee– C Barry, I Kemp, K Brown, C Hodges
Planning Applications / Planning Matters
2009/00521 AD & SW Kellow, Treveglos Farm, St Mabyn –
Construction of young stock/calf rearing shed. No objections / Support
Planning Matters:
Burlerrow Farm: Reports had been received about the volume of noise coming from the Miscanthus barn at Burlerrow Farm. Councillors thought this was likely to be the large fans used to dry the product. Cllr K Brown agreed to make enquiries.
Playing Field / Old Changing Rooms / Provision of new Play Equipment:
The Council were awaiting quotations for work to remove the loose plaster on the external wall of the old changing rooms.
A quotation was also being sought to repair the rotten wood in the window of the play house.
The “Contract” committee agreed to meet on site and decide on the exact location for the newplay equipment. The equipment to be provided and installed by SMP Playgrounds Ltd.
The Council discussed the grass cutting and options for their disposal.
CCC Local Maintenance Project – Parish Footpaths: Cllr K Brown agreed to contact Mr James Mutton regarding the surface to Footpath No. 5 that required reinstating after being ploughed.
Although not a defined right of way, it was reported that the path leading from the church to the public house required weeding and the surface cleaning.
Allotments: The Clerk addressed a letter from the land agents for the Glebe Committee stating that the subject would be discussed at their next committee meeting in June 2009.
Public Toilets – Public access: The Council were made aware that the pre-school were required to provide a safe outdoor play area. This meant extending the height of boundary wall at the Memorial Hall and blocking off the access to the public toilets To meet these
requirements, a fence could be erected inside and higher than the existing wall. The work to be funded by a grant obtained by the pre-school. The Parish Council were asked to consider providing an alternative access to the public toilets as entry was currently via the hall garden. Councillors agreed in principal to this request, but resolved to await the comments of the Hall Committee.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Beautiful Journey

WILDWORKS in association with Theatre Royal Plymouth & Culture10
02 – 20 June Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth
THE BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY takes you to the last place on earth, a haven at the edge of tomorrow.
WILDWORKS conjures a world where a mythic Queen hosts bizarre entertainment and strange comfort.
This is a surreal world where hairdressers tell your fortune and Kalypso’s sailor lover weaves a boat every day and takes it apart at every night.
Where we experience the memory projector, witness random acts in the shipyard cabaret, dance to the live shanty band and dream of home.
Then the wild ice arrives.
The ice that contains something so extraordinary that it changes everything.
Theatre Royal Plymouth: Box Office: 01752 267 222

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

St Mabyn Pre-School

She did it! Gillian Molesworth raised more than £350 for the St Mabyn Pre-School by running the Plymouth Half Marathon! Gillian was pleased with her time of 2:09 for the 13.1 mile course, which ended on the Plymouth Hoe on the later May ank holiday. Some small supporters came and held up a sign that said "Keep Going Gilly" on top of the formidable hill at Saltram. Each of the pre-school children had left a colourful handprint on the sign, so it was just as if they were all there to cheer! THANK YOU to everyone who pledged money for the endeavour - could you kindly bring it to the village shop any time on Friday, June 12 or Saturday, June 13. There will be a collection held behind the till.

St Mabyn Pre-School also has a new phone number, which is 07929 092 088.

St Mabyn Pre-School is holding a Stay and Play session from 9.10am -12.10pm on Wednesday, July 8. We invite everyone with a small child of or approaching pre-school age to come and have a play with us. Please get the word out if you know anyone with kids of this age - we need more! We also run a great a toddler session from 9.10-11.10 every Tuesday in term time.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Congratulations to Jeremy Charles Rowe [Liberal Democrat] on being elected as our representative.
Election summary for Electoral Divisions

Friday, June 05, 2009

Open day - Camel Community Supported Agriculture - Sunday 7 June
Come to our Open Day on Sunday 7 June - Open Farm Sunday - from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Find out more about our exciting new local food project, the first of its kind in Cornwall.
We’re a community group growing fresh, seasonal vegetables for our members to share. We’re inviting people to join our non-profit-making venture.
Come and see what we're growing, talk to our enthusiastic volunteers and discover the benefits of joining.

Bring a picnic or enjoy our refreshments, including home-made cakes and a barbeque from 12 - 2 p.m.
Located beside the A39 at St Kew Highway near Wadebridge, behind St Kew Harvest Farm Shop.
Have a look at the Camel CSA website for more details. Watch our latest video to find out why some of us decided to get involved.

House prices

Latest house prices for St Mabyn

Monday, June 01, 2009

St Mabyn Parish Council

Notes from the agreed April 2009 Minutes of St Mabyn Parish Council.
Village hall
The pre-school had applied for a grant to increase the height of the fencing around the Hall and Mrs Brown asked Councillors to consider providing an alternative entry to the public toilets via the old canteen site, rather than through the hall gardens.
County Council:
Cllr J. Rowe reported on the new Cornwall Council Highway Stewardship Scheme being piloted in the Wadebridge /Padstow Network Area, which included the parish of St Mabyn.
Planning Applications
2009/00382 Mr N Embley, Mabena House, Watergate Lane, St Mabyn –
Erection of second storey extension to rear and replace existing flat roof extension with a pitched roof. No Objections / Support.
Playing Fields
The Clerk reported that £8180.00 grant funding had been received for the new disabled play equipment.
CCC Local Maintenance Project – Parish Footpaths: The ploughed surface of Footpath No. 5 had not been reinstated, although a letter had been sent to the landowner and the Chairman had spoken with them. Cllr J Rowe agreed to make enquiries into this and also the reports of the dangerous condition of the path at Menkee.
Allotments: Although initially fifteen people appeared interested in obtaining an allotment, only six letters requesting the facility had been received. The Clerk was awaiting a reply from the Glebe Committee concerning land availability.

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