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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Local talent shines in the UK’s biggest original music competition!

Local band Lonely Hunters has battled against hundreds of others to secure a spot at the Regional Final showcase of Live and Unsigned 2011 The  judges are from Kerrang, NME Radio and Radio One. The best auditionees from their Regional Final Showcase also get the opportunity to play support slots with a selection of major headlining acts.
Live and Unsigned is the biggest original music competition in the UK for unsigned bands and artists. Attracting over 50,000 entries in the past five years, it has set itself apart from its predecessors by offering and promoting originality. All the acts in the competition are battling it out for the chance to play at the Live and Unsigned Festival at the 02 in London! The overall winner of the competition is offered a recording and management contract with Future Music with an investment of up to £50,000.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


“Sunpower Corporation UK Ltd has applied to build a 16 hectare (around 40 acre) PV Solar Farm at Treworder, planning application no. PA11/00777. For full details click here The postcode for the development is PL27 6HX. The Planning Officer responsible for this application is Michelle Billing on 01726-223457. “Neighbour consultation” comments will only be accepted if received by 10th March. This is partly because Sunpower Corporation claims to have already conducted a public consultation and to have received public support – on the basis of 2 meetings held in Wadebridge Town Hall in October & November, attended by a total of 19 people. Either not many of us care about this, or the consultation was not advertised to those of us most directly affected by the proposals.
This will be an enormous, industrial-scale site, dominating the high ground above the Allen Valley from many angles: one such angle will be from Highgates, as you leave the village on the Wadebridge Road. We all want greener energy, but the Feed-in Tariff payments were designed for our homes, barns and/or brownfield sites; Treworder is a commercial venture on a large scale.
If you have a view on this proposal, please let the Planning Officer know, and/or post comments on the Cornwall County Council website.”

Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Pancake Brunch

The St Mabyn Home School Association would like to invite you to an American Pancake Brunch on Saturday, March 19 from 10am-12pm. Come and eat your fill of these delicious sweet treats or a slice of Mary Lee's Brunch Bake, washed down with hot drinks, and pit your wits against our Spring Fling quiz. It's a fun and filling morning out. Entry is £3 to include one serving of food and drinks, or family of four is £10.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lunch and Talk by Sian Flynn

Lunch & Talk, 12.30 Fri 4 March
St Mabyn Memorial Hall
Lunch (+ wine)cooked by committee
Friends of St Mabyn Church
Talk by Sian Flynn
‘Lock ‘em up or let ‘em out’
Sian has been an independent member of the England & Wales Parole Board for five years and has some interesting views and insights on the current debate over this issue and the rehabilitation of prisoners.
Tickets £12 (£10 for Friends),

Let Liz Williams know 01208 841378 or email, pay at door

Monday, February 14, 2011

Parish Plan

Come Along and Help Shape the Future of Our Parish!
A follow up meeting on Wednesday 23 February at 7.30 p.m in the Village Hall
What is a Community/ ?
It is a Community-led Plan - a process by which a geographical area, such as a parish, produces a document that sets out their vision for the area linked to an action plan. It will set out the community’s views and aims, based on consultation on a wide range of issues that impact on residents e.g. housing, environment, local facilities, parking, transport etc) and will record what residents want to change/ develop, but also what needs to be protected and retained.
Some of the reasons for such a plan
♦ To set out a local strategy for the area, and to influence/challenge
policies and strategies;
♦ Ensure that residents have a chance to have their say - providing
a mandate for the parish council;
♦ To enthuse and involve the local community, and kick-start local
♦ To record what’s good about a parish as well as what isn’t;
♦ To attract funding (parish councils and local community groups may use the plan as an evidence base);
♦ To encourage joint working and help forge relationships with
relevant bodies.


Notes from the agreed Minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on
Tuesday, 7th December 2010
Election of Chairman for the remainder of the Parish Council year up to May 2011:
It was proposed by Cllr R Heath and seconded by Cllr Mrs C Bray that Cllr Mrs H Barrett be elected Chairman for the remainder of the Council year. There were no other nominations.
Mrs Barrett wished to acknowledge the service of previous Chairmen and Councillors who have served on the Parish Council, and who have dedicated their time to the service of their Community while she has been a member of the Council. Cllr Mrs Barrett thanked Cllr A Finnamore for taking the temporary Chairman’s position for the past two months.
Cllr Alf Finnamore will remain as Vice Chairman.
Mrs Barrett also reminded Councillors that we are entering a period where the Parish Council will have a greater influence with regard to what happens within our Community. That the Parish Council must be mindful of it's responsibilities with regard to how it communicates not only within the Council, but out to the Parish Election of Planning Committee for the remainder of the Parish Council year up to
May 2011: Agreed to defer this item to the next meeting.
In the meantime, any planning application received, will be forwarded by the Clerk to Cllr R Heath who will consult with fellow Councillors.
Parish Council Vacancies – Co-option of 4 Councillors: The Council had received 2 applications for co-option from Mr Ben Finnemore and Mrs Angela Bunney. These were both accepted by the Council
Planning Applications / Planning Matters:
a) PA10/07590 Mr & Mrs A D Kellow, Treveglos, St Tudy Road, St Mabyn -
Extension to existing dairy building.
Resolved that Councillors look at the application site and report the decision / comments back to the Clerk.
Midas Homes development at St Mabyn – Section 106 Agreement:
The discussion at tonight’s meeting with Ms Philippa Mayland (Cornwall Council) had been postponed due to the cold and icy weather conditions. The Chairman highlighted the S.106 agreement and the reason for the Parish Council wishing to have an input into the allocations for the properties for rent.
Precept 2011/2012: Having considered the figures presented in November 2010, and
discussed the forthcoming expenditure and predicted carried forward balance, the Council resolved to request a precept of £15,000 (fifteen thousand pounds).
Street Light situated on the footpath between the Church and St Mabyn Inn:
A local electrical contractor had been authorised to submit an estimate and carry out the work to repair the light. Councillors agreed to earmark £700 for this work.
It is worth noting that the work was carried out for under the sum of £200 Community/Parish Plan: Cllr Mrs Barrett reported on the public meeting held in the Memorial Hall on the 1st December 2010. Ms Tracey Edwards (Cornwall Rural Community
Council) gave a introduction on setting up a committee and producing a parish plan. Two representatives from the Parish Council will be delegated for this committee. Cllr Mrs H Barrett will arrange a further meeting in late January 2011.
This is now set for 23 Feb in the Village Hall 7.30 p.m
Correspondence from CC
Cornwall Council – Compost Mentors for the East Cornwall Area
Cornwall Council – Consultation on the existing recycling schemes
Came & Company Insurance – Information on the treatment of snow and ice.
National Housing Federation – Affordable Rural Housing: A practical guide for Parish Councils.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Latest house prices

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