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Sunday, September 25, 2011

360 degree view of St Mabyn Church

Taken by Roy Reed

Friday, September 16, 2011


Marsh Villa Gardens, a beautiful water and woodland garden was the destination for our members September Trip. They were made very welcome by the owners Judith and Harvey Stephens, who described how they started their first plantings in 1988 and how each they have progressed and established the extensive herbaceous borders and mixed blending so charmingly among the network of waterways which drain the Treesmill marsh levels. The weather was very kind to the members this year and everyone had a lovely and very interesting morning exploring these exceptional gardens.
For our October meeting we are at St Mabyn Village at 7.30pm Wednesday October 12th when George Kestell will be introducing us to the magic of propagation. Should be a very interesting evening.

All are welcome to come along and meet us. For more information please call Angela Bunney on 01208 841511


Tickets are now on sale for the St Mabyn Players Christmas Comedy Extravaganza to be held in St Mabyn Village Hall on 8th, 9th and 10th December 2011. Tickets are £7.50 each which includes Pasty Supper, Sweet and Tea/Coffee. Reservations and enquiries contact Tony 01208 841314 or Angela 01208 841511. This is an evening not to be missed and please note it is adult entertainment.

Conservative St Mabyn Quiz Night

Local composer Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater from St Mabyn has been commissioned to compose the music score for a serial documentary following cadets undergoing training at the Royal Military Academy in Surrey.
More details at

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Please make a note that the October Book Swap is on Saturday 22 October, 10 am until 12 noon in the Coffee Lounge, St Mabyn Post Office and Stores. Do not worry if you cannot bring a book with you to swap. You will be very welcome to browse the many books and take one (or more!) away with you. See you there.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Logs for winter

Call Rob on 0120878053 for loads of great logs.

St Mabyn Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting of St Mabyn Parish Council held on Tuesday, 2nd August 2011 in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs. Mrs H Barrett (Chairman), A Finnamore (Vice Chairman), Mrs A Bunney, Mrs C Bray, D Masters, R Chadwick, B Finnemore, M Menhenitt, N Embley.
Also attending: Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk)
Six members of the public.

1. Public Session: The Chairman invited the members of the public to address the Council, if they so wished. Concerns were expressed in relation to the proposals for Planning Application PA11/04424 being considered by the Parish Council under Agenda Item of this meeting. The Chairman advised the public to reiterate their comments in writing directly to the Cornwall Council Planning Department.
Mrs Kellow explained the need for the new agricultural building on their farm, Planning Application PA11/04791.
The Clerk reported that she had received a call from parishioner Mr James Mutton who felt that the sections of stone walling at the entrance to the new Mabena Lea development would be better extended to create the appearance of a stone hedge, to replace the original hedge that was removed as part of the development works. It was agreed to seek information on the landscaping scheme submitted as part of the planning application.

Police: No report received
Cornwall Council: No report received.

2. Apologies for non attendance were received from Cllr. J Rowe (Cornwall Council). Cllr Heath was suspended, pending his decision following a Code of Conduct hearing on the 13th May 2011. Cllr Heath could return to the Parish Council on the 13th August 2011.

3. Members Declaration of Interest: None declared at this stage of the meeting.

4. Minutes: The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 5th July 2011, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman following an amendment to Item 4 (first sentence deleted). The accounts presented for payment were listed on Part 2 of the Minutes.

5. Matters Arising:
Item 1 Public Session – It was noted that the Cornwall Council Cormac vehicle was nolonger parking in the garage area of “The Cresent”.
The Chairman updated the Council on matters from the Agreed Action Notes following the July meeting.

6. Planning Applications / Planning Matters:
PA11/04424 Mr P Harrison, Ivy Cottage, Station Road, St Mabyn –Two storey private residential detached dwelling.
Cllr D Masters declared and interest and abstained.
The Council resolved to support, in principal, the detached dwelling but raised concerns in relation to the lack of parking within the curtilage of the site, the restricted visibility and the problems that may arise if vehicles belonging to or visiting the dwelling are forced to park on the road.
PA11/04791 Mr & Mrs AD Kellow, Treveglos Farm Ltd, St Tudy, Road, St Mabyn –Construction of a dry cow building for loose housing. Support providing adequate drainage is created to prevent the mud and water from entering out onto the public highway.

PA11/05400 Mr & Mrs B & J Frisby, Stone Farm, St Mabyn –
Construction of 2 storey extension – Support.

Planning Decisions: There were no decisions reported.

7. Accounts / Financial Matters: Financial report issued to Councillors as Part 2 of these minutes. Councillors approved the payment of Cheque Numbers 1316 – 1326 to the value of £2121.42

Bank Mandate – The new bank mandate signature form had been received and recorded by Lloyds TSB. Although there were some initial problems with cheques again being returned, it was hoped that these had now been resolved, The Clerk had recognised that although the new signatures on the mandate had been registered the bank had failed to lift the restriction on the account. This had now been done.

Donations and grant Funding: Cllr A Finnamore presented the Council with a cheque for £2,000 (two thousand pounds) from Linden Homes being a donation towards recreational facilities in the playing field following the building of their Midas Homes development at Mabena Lea. Cllr Finnamore was thanked for his efforts in seeking this funding.
Cllr Mrs Barrett reported that the Awards for All grant money of £4,420 would be transferred directly into the Parish Council’s bank account. The clerk will obtain an up to date estimate for the cost of the disabled roundabout equipment.

At this point of the meeting the Clerk requested that Item 11.5 be brought forward to this part of the meeting. All were in favour. To accept a quotation for the repair work required for the clock: An estimate of costs and a breakdown of the repair work required had been received for the clock for the sum of £3,788.00 plus Vat. Councillors agreed that the clock must be repaired but questioned why the rusting and seizing of the hands on the clock face had not been detected as part of the annual service. Could a nylon grease feeder be installed to enable these parts to be greased from ground level? The Clerk will authorise Smiths of Derby to carry out the work, as quoted.

8. Cornwall Council local Maintenance Project – Footpaths: Nothing to report on the footpaths. Contractor David Barnes will be asked to trim around the seat at Highgates.

9. Playing Field: Inspection reports for the past month were presented by Cllr Mrs C Bray.
A bar removed from the goal post frame had been found in the hedge and will be re-fitted. Cllr Mrs A Bunney agreed to complete the inspections for the forthcoming month.
AD Signs had been instructed to make and fit the liability signs for the entrance gates. Grants and donations for the playing field had been reported under Item 7 of this meeting.
The Clerk will arrange for the letters to householders backing onto the playing field to be delivered.

10. Correspondence: The Clerk presented the correspondence file.
National Training Strategy for Town & Parish Council “Good Councillors Guide” A copy of this publication was given to each Councillor.
Village Bus Shelter / Bike fixing: The Chairman had received a letter from a local resident seeking permission to install a bike fixing point somewhere on the village bus shelter whereby the children could cycle to the village to catch the school bus and leave their bicycles securely fixed until they return at the end of the school day. Although Councillors had no firm objection to this request, it was agreed that further information should be sought as to the number of bikes, the type of fixing suggested and the location on the bus shelter suggested for this. Cllr Mrs H Barrett agreed to speak with Mr & Mrs Every who had made the request. Cornwall Council: Councillors were given a copy of the correspondence and questionnaire received relating to the Future of the Code of Conduct.
CALC: The Clerk presented information received from the Cornwall Association of Local Councils.

Cornwall Council / Longstone: Cllr A Finnamore reported that he was awaiting written confirmation from the Highways Department following a meeting with Mr R Hancock when options to identify the speed limit and additional road markings to highlight the junction at Longstone were discussed. Also the conditions of the existing dragons teeth road marking on the approaches to the village were noted and the possibility of installing warning signs on the approach to the new pedestrian entrance from the Mabena Lea development.

(Members of the public left the meeting at 8.45pm)

11. To Agree / Discuss:
1) To consider the structure and usage of the existing bus shelter at Longstone: It was agreed that the existing bus shelter, owing to it’s location, was not used and that it should be removed. Cllr M Menhenitt agreed to establish whether or not the roof contained asbestos and seek a price for the removal of the structure and the clearing of the site.
2) Consultation – to communicate with School Bus Authority re- school children’s bus stop at Longstone Crossroads: It was agreed that the specified stop be identified for the school bus and the Western Greyhound 561 service.
3) To communicate with Western Greyhound with regard to where they consider
is the best place for the public to get on/off the bus in the area of Longstone Crossroads: The Clerk agreed to contact the bus company to establish where they considered was the safest site for the bus to stop, in the interest of public safety.
4) Community Plan – Steering Group update. No recent meetings had been held.
5) Parish Clock – to accept a quotation for the repair work required. Discussed under Item 7 of this meeting.
6) Local Council Advisory Service – to consider subscribing for this service. Having previously been a member of the Cornwall Association of Local Councils the Councillors agreed to subscribe to an alternative body the “Local Council Advisory Service”. The Clerk will seek information as to what is available for the subscription paid.

12. Date of next Meeting: Tuesday, 6th September 2011.
Councillors noted that Mr Heath would be returning to the Parish Council at the next meeting.
Mr Heaths conduct towards the Clerk was noted along with the evidence of the Code of Conduct hearing that led to his suspension. Owing to this it was agreed by a majority decision that Cllr Heath does not return and work closely with the Clerk on any matters and that the committee to oversee the Clerks job description and review consist of Cllrs. Mrs H Barrett, A Finnamore, B Finnemore and Mrs A Bunney.

13. To close the Meeting: There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


A Meeting of ST MABYN PARISH COUNCIL will be held on
Tuesday, 6th September 2011 in the Memorial Hall, St Mabyn at 7.30pm

Public Session – 10 Minutes / Reports from Cornwall Council and Police.
Apologies for non attendance.
Members Declaration of Interest
Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd August 2011
Matters Arising – Follow up of agreed actions from August meeting, if not on agenda
Planning Applications/Planning Matters:-
No applications received at the date of this agenda
7. Accounts / Financial Matters - to approve accounts presented for payment / to confirm receipt of the Award for All grant money.
8. CC LMP Footpaths - trimming of paths
9. Playing Field - Inspection Reports / Liability sign for gate/
- Grants and donations – purchasing of new equipment.
- Letter to householders backing onto playing field
10. Correspondence
11. To Agree / Discuss:
1) The costs for the removal of the bus shelter at Longstone
2) Consultation – communications with School Bus Authority / Western Greyhound regarding the location of the school children’s bus stop at Longstone Crossroads and communication with Western Greyhound with regard to where they consider is the best place for the public to get on/off the bus in this area.
3) Community Plan – Steering Group update – arrangements for Open Weekend in October
4) Parish Clock – confirmation of date for repairs.
5) Local Council Advisory Service – information on the organisation
6) To consider the Parish Council financially supporting a grant application for the updating of the Memorial Hall
7) Funding required by Cornwall Council for the provision of pedestrian signing at Mabena Lea

12. Date of next Meetings – Tuesday, 4th October 2011
13. To close the Meeting to the public - Parish Council Closed Session, if required.

J Hoskin (Parish Clerk) 30th August 2011

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