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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wind turbine proposal

Clean Earth Energy have announced a public consultation for the erection of a wind turbine at Treggadock Farm, St Mabyn PL30 3DE Interested members of the public are invited to St Mabyn Village Hall on 11th July from 4pm - 8pm where they will answer questions and address concerns that may exist. For more details email or telephone them on 01208455028 The hub height of the proposed Tregaddock turbine is 50 METRES and tip height 77 METRES (252 feet 7½ inches) the church is 85 feet in height!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cathy Urwin

A moving funeral today of Cathy Urwin, daughter of Rev Prebendary Roger Urwin, and his wife Poppy. Cathy died of cancer aged 62, she was a leading child psychotherapist and developmental psychologist. Guardian obituary

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Horn and Hare Theatre Company

This Saturday in the village hall at 7.30pm tickets available from the Post Office or on the door if not sold out. Some of the feedback they received for the opening night at Truro. "Genuinely Charming Comedy, thoroughly enjoyed it.The Songs are fantastic!" "Very Good, excellent and very professional. Really enjoyed the whole performance. Well done to all." "Fabulous. Can't think of a better way to pass an evening." "Really Good - funny - well performed, slick, great voices - good harmonies. Impressed."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The beautiful interior of St Mabyn Church was chosen for the first venue for the parish celebrations where a wonderful exhibition of Royal memorabilia, local arts and crafts and beautiful flower arrangements were on show. Creams teas were available when required. On the Saturday evening a concert was performed by Roscarrick Revival, supported by local group Angie's Angels. A special Jubilee Songs of Praise was held on the Sunday morning led by the Rev Dave Elkington. Jubilee Monday dawned fine and clear for our Party Celebrations on the Green. Thanks to the kindness of parishioners the food tables creaked under the weight of the generous donations of a of sandwiches, cakes and other gourmet delights. There was also a barbecue for those who wished for a hot snack. The sun shone on the picnickers who enjoyed the wonderful sound of the St Mabyn Hand Bellringers and the entertaining impromptu acting style of the St Mabyn Drama Club. Both these groups consisted of the young people of the parish and it was lovely to see such . The Children's Sports were very popular and much fun was had by competitors and well as the cheering onlookers. Mike Hayward's Mystery Quiz proved an interesting diversion for those who wished to explore St Mabyn. During the afternoon commemorative porcelain money boxes were handed out to local children by Mr John Lobb, a well known gentleman who has lived here for many years and with his wife Anthea have contributed much to the church and village during this time. In the evening a well attended dance was held in the Village Hall run and DJ'd by Mike Hayward. To complete the celebrations the St Mabyn Beacon was lit by David Masters who organized the setting up and building of the beacon. Many thanks to all those who contributed in any way and made all the Jubilee Celebrations so successful. Angela Bunney and Carole Grigg.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Horn and Hare Theatre Company

Don't forget to book tickets for this smash hit musical comedy about relationships,dating, love and marriage! "I love you you're perfect now change" Saturday 23rd June 7.30pm in the village hall.
Horn and Hare Theatre Company are a new professional Cornish company started by Ellen Waghorn, Tom Hare and Jenifer Hare (née Titcomb from St Mabyn)
Tickets are available online or from St Mabyn Post Office, price only £5.
Listen to a clip from the show

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love local food?

Love local food? Like to eat fresh, seasonal local vegetables?
Come and visit Camel Community Supported Agriculture on Open Farm Sunday - this Sunday17 June from 1.30 - 4.30pm.
We're a community vegetable growing group and we run our own weekly veg box scheme.
 Come and see: -
• What vegetables we’re growing
• What’s in our weekly vegetable boxes
• How we support other local growers
• How we promote local, seasonal food.
There'll be family fun and games, guided tours, vegetable box raffle, home-made cakes, cold drinks.
Find us on the A39 at St Kew Highway beside the St Endellion / St Mabyn crossroads, behind St Kew Harvest Farm Shop. For more details go to

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Missing dogs

A Poodle and a Shih Tzu have been missing from Pencarrow since yesterday. Please call 01208 841369 if you see or have them. Thank you They have been found! They are both very tired after 2 days on the 'run!'

Friday, June 08, 2012

Haywood Down Hill - June 2012

Debut karting event in St Mabyn Cornwall - held over the diamond jubilee weekend. Cornishmen on homemade Go Karts + Cornish made Cider + Cornish made farm track = fun times! See the video here

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

St Mabyn parish Council May 2012


Minutes of the St Mabyn Parish Council Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, 1 st May 2012 in the Memorial Hall, St Mabyn at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs. Mrs H Barrett, A Finnamore, Mrs A Bunney, D Masters, Mrs C Bray, R Chadwick, M Menhenitt, N Embley, M Grigg. Also attending: Mrs J Hoskin (Parish Clerk)
One member of the public.

1. Public Session: No matters raised. Police: No report received.
Cornwall Council: No report received.

2. Apologies: There were no apologies for non attendance. One current vacancy.

3. Members Declaration of Interest: Cllrs. Mrs H Barrett and Mrs A Bunney declared an interest on Item 16.2 and any matters relating to the Queens Diamond Jubilee or the Village Hall.
Cllr. D Masters declared an interest on Agenda Item 9 Accounts and Item 10 Grass Cutting Contract.

At this point of the Meeting Cllr Mrs H Barrett read her Chairman’s report covering the past year and her time as Chairman prior to that year.

4. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year:
Councillors agreed to carry out paper voting to fill the Chairman and Vice Chairman positions.

Chairman: It was proposed by Cllr M Menhennitt and seconded by Cllr N Embley that Cllr A Finnamore be elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year.
It was proposed by Cllr D Masters and seconded by Cllr M Grigg that Cllr N Embley be elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year.
There were no other nominations. Following a vote , the Clerk announced that Cllr A Finnamore had been elected as Chairman.

Vice Chairman: It was proposed by Cllr D Masters and seconded by Cllr Mrs A Bunney that
Cllr N Embley be elected as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year.
It was proposed by Cllr N Embley and seconded by Cllr A Finnamore that Cllr M Menhennitt be elected as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year.
Following a vote the Clerk confirmed that Cllr N Embley had been elected as Vice Chairman.

Cllr A Finnamore took the chair and conducted the business for the remainder of the meeting.

5. Election of Sub-Committees:
Planning – It was proposed by Cllr A Finnmaore and seconded by Cllr R Chadwick that
Cllrs Mrs C Bray, Mrs A Bunney, N Embley and D Masters be elected onto the planning committee.
There were no other nominations. The Clerk will forward all planning applications to Cllr Mrs C Bray.

Staffing / Contracts Committee: It was proposed by Cllr N Embley and seconded by Cllr D Masters that Cllrs. A Finnamore, M Menhenitt and Mrs A Bunney be elected onto this committee.
There were no other nominations.

6. Minutes: The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 3rd April 2012, as circulated, were confirmed and signed by the Chairman following an amendment to item 2 – Cllr M Grigg had presented his apologies for non attendance.

Circulation of Minutes: Cllr Mrs H Barrett had requested that minutes be sent electronically by email.
Councillors confirmed that a decision had previously been made to send all documents including minutes by post and this would continue.

Notice Boards: Cllr M Menhenitt agreed to manage the notice boards on behalf of the Parish Council.

7. Matters Arising:
Item 1 Cornwall Council – The Chairman reported that the road markings / sharks teeth were being repainted and work should be completed by the end of May 2012.
Item 3 – Report on Cllr R Heath’s Code of Conduct Hearing and Disqualification: The Clerk had received a letter from Mr Heath notify the Parish Councillors that he had made an official formal Notice of Appeal against the decision of the Tribunal made on the 22nd March 2012.
Item 16c) Salt: Cllr Mrs C Bray agreed to store the bag of salt until next winter, if it could be moved without splitting.

8. Planning Applications / Planning Matters:
PA12/00727 Mr Paul Camp – Belectric Solar Ltd, Middle Treworder, Egloshayle –
The development of a 5MW solar farm. The Planning Committee made the following comments:-
Condition 2 – Request change – Increasing the height by 50cms – 1ft 8ins. Recommend refusal on aesthetic grounds this will create an even worse visual impact.
Condition 4 – Request change – Acceptance of Beletric’s ancillary equipment. No Objection / Support. Condition 9 – request change – Discharge of condition – Recommend refusal. The planning committee feel this condition should not be removed. The climate is becoming more extreme with bursts of heavy rain, therefore they think the existing condition should stay.
Condition 13 – Request change – Extension of working hours. The planning committee recommend the restriction of working hours between 08.00 – 18.00 Monday to Friday should remain.
Recommend refusal of extended hours to 7 days a week including Bank or Public Holidays.
The Council approved the recommendations of the planning sub-committee.

PA12/02377 Mr Phillip Bate, Pitt farm, St Mabyn –
Remove exisiting dwelling and replace with proposed new dwelling (under policy NSG 8).
No Objection / Support.

PA12/03347 Mr Ian Lobb, Treblethick Farm, St Mabyn –
The proposal is for installation of 4kw photovoltaic solar panels roof mounted to generate renewable electricity for use on site and for export to grid. The planning sub-committee took this application away from the meeting and agreed to meet and make a decision that would then be forwarded back to the Clerk for submission.

Planning Matters:
PA11/10027 Mr Ian Lobb, Treblethick Farm, St Mabyn - Installation of 50kw micro generation wind turbine on a 29.6m monopole tower with three blades and a rotor diameter of 20.9 metres.
The Clerk reported that the Cornwall Council planning officer was recommending refusal on the ground of noise impact given the lack of information received. The radio company had now withdrawn their objection regarding interference. The landscape officer had stated that the landscape could accommodate some very small or small category wind turbines and was raising no objections to the application on the grounds of visual impact, the reason for the Parish Council refusal.
Further information was being sought by the planning department.

PA12/019343 Ms Samantha Davies, Penweir Cottage, Wadebridge Road, St Mabyn – Refurbishment of existing garage to provide annexe in association with main dwelling. Existing parking facilities to be upgraded. The Clerk was asked to seek clarification as to whther or not this application was retrospective.

8.1 Devon & Cornwall Housing S.106 shared ownership /lettings policy for Mabena Lea: The Clerk outlined information received from the Devon & Cornwall Housing Group indicating that having experienced problem with prospective purchasers obtaining support from mortgage lenders, and having exhausted all areas of enquiries they were considering a switch of tenure for the two unsold coach house and potentially Plot 14 (3 Greenwix Parc) and were proposing to let as social rented accommodation, and advertise through Cornwall Home Choice. The Parish Council supported this change.

8.2 Section 106 development money held by Cornwall Council: Cllr Mrs A Bunney raised the question as to any development money provided by Midas Homes following the construction of the Mabena Lea housing site. Enquiries will be made by the Clerk as to whether or not any funding was agreed as part of the S.106.

9. Accounts / Financial Matters: Financial report issued as Part 2 of these minutes.
Cllr D Masters declared an interest and abstained.
The Council received a cheque from the Young Farmers Club as a donation for the use of the playing field.

10. Grass Cutting Contract 2012/2013 – appointment of contractor. Item deferred to Item 19 – Closed Session at the end of this meeting.

11. CC Local Maintenance Project 2012/2013 – appointment of Contractor: Item deferred to closed session.

12. Playing Field: Cllr Mrs C Bray gave a verbal report of the inspections and found the field to be tidy with no litter. Cllr A Finnamore agreed to complete the reports for the forthcoming month. Cllr M Menhenitt notifed the Council that he had repaired the wooden frame on the rubbish bins. It was noted that the new roundabout had concrete kerbs surrounding the safety surfacing not wood.
It was suggested that a membrane material be placed under the wood chip to prevent weeds growing through.
The Clerk had received a report that the grass cuttings etc from a neighbouring property were being dumped over the hedge into the playing field. Cllr Mrs C Bray offered to contact the householder concerned.

The ROSPA safety inspection had been completed in April 2012.
The metal rail outside the main entrance gates had been damaged and vehicles continued to obstruct the pedestrian gate.
The Clerk had received a letter from an adjacent resident concerning the grass cuttings in the field, and that they were being left in a pile too close to their back wall. Also mentioned in the letter were issues of parking in and around the area of the school, post office / shop. The Council will establish an alternative area for the grass to be held and agreed that parking in the village was an ongoing problem particularly at the beginning and end of the school day. The school will be asked if staff could park within the school premises and remind parents to be considerate to residents and other road users when transporting children to and from school to help alleviate any congestion.

13. St Mabyn Community Plan – Item deferred from 2011: The different aspects and the reasons for producing both a Localism Development Plan and a Neighbourhood Parish Plan were identified.
The Clerk will liaise with the members of the planning sub-committee to consider a development plan and the Clerk agreed to work with Cllr Mrs A Bunney to draft a letter seeking interest from parish organisations and residents to compile a Neighbourhood Parish Plan.

14. To review the Parish Council Policies – Standing Orders etc. It was agreed that the Councillors look at the existing policies and bring any proposed amendments to a meeting at 7.00pm on the 3 rd July 2012 when the Council will meet half an hour before the Parish Council Meeting to review and update these documents.

15. Correspondence: File presented.
1) The Clerk had received a further request for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

16. To Agree / Discuss:
1) Cornwall Council Community Network Meeting : The recent meeting focused on the recycling and waste collection service and the problems experienced with the new contract. It was noted that the collection service in St Mabyn had failed to collect rubbish and recycling in various areas of the village and the dog bins were full and overflowing.
2) Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations – 4th June 2012: A programme of events had been scheduled for 1.00pm onwards with entertainment for all age groups. The Jubilee money boxes for the children under the age of 16years had been ordered and will be presented by local resident Mr John Lobb. The parish church was serving cream teas throughout the weekend.
3) Parish Council Vacancy: The vacancy notice had been displayed. If an election was not called the Clerk agreed to advertise the position for co-option when instructed to do so by the Cornwall Council Electoral Section.

17. Parish Matters:
1) Old Bus Shelter at Longstone: The Clerk asked the Council if they wished to re-consider removing the old bus shelter at Longstone having deferred this item in the previous financial year. It was agreed to place this item on the agenda for July 2012.
2) Public Toilet Inspection Reports: A template of the inspection report form for the public toilets was received from Cllr Mrs H Barrett.
3) Car Parking Area: The vehicle parking area behind the bus shelter required weeding and this was the responsibility of Cornwall Council.

18. Date of next Meeting: Owing to the Queens Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday being on the first Tuesday of June (5th) the meeting had been deferred until Wednesday, 13th June 2012.

19. To close the Meeting to the public – Closed Session: There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm and Councillors and the Clerk remained for a Closed Session to discuss Agenda Items
10 and 11. Cllr D Masters declared an interest and left.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Janie M McDonald

St Mabyn artist Janie M McDonald is exhibiting at Shire Hall Gallery, Bodmin from 2nd - 23rd June (closed Mon 4th & Tues 5th) as part of Open Studios, Cornwall. She has set up a studio space in the gallery and will be working alongside painter Ashley Hanson. The Gallery is open from 10am - 5pm, closed Sundays.

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